Review: Avoid Fun Island Resort Maldives

Blessed with all the goodness of nature, the Maldives is an ideal honeymoon destination. No sights to see, the place is all about breathing in nature’s beauty while chilling at a relaxing resort.

What can possibly go wrong in such an idyllic romantic destination? Terrible hospitality.

Pleasant service is conspicuous by its absence at Fun Island Resort in Kaafu Atoll. This when their website had us believe everything that this resort is not.

Misleading Info

The one quintessential trait we found missing at Fun Island Resort was the “fun”. The beach front room was a misnomer; front of the rooms only has trees and vegetation blocking any slightest view of the beach you might get. The rooms lacked imagination and god only knows why they had an additional back door that had the view of a slum.

We even checked out the deluxe room which had an additional tub in the open. Anybody with the slightest regard for hygiene would not go anywhere near that ugly cemented tub which looked more like a setup for checking tyre punctures. (And how the pictures on the website mislead!)

The staff was rude to say the least. Forget smiling faces and hospitality, think hostile.

fun island maldives review
Fun Island’s Fraud picture! No rooms were like this!


Fun Island Resort Maldives
The real picture!

Smile Please? No. 

We admit, at first, Fun Islands looked promising, the walk from the jetty to the hotel gave me hope that this might actually be a steal with white sand and blue skies (this is the only plus side of the resort). But my first interaction with the staff became the theme of my stay- unwelcoming and disappointing. I firmly believe that hospitality can make ones experience a fond memory. Here the only thing the staff was good at was saying NO! Can I get someone to clean my room right away- No! Can I get some water- No! Can I get a sunbed outside my room- No! The manager later explained that all rooms had sunbeds but other guests move them around themselves. So here I was carrying a very heavy sunbed a good fifty meters- a new high in self-service.


Even the beach was not the cleanest with waste lying about in the water and one questioned ones intention to take a dip. Everything came at a price and even the non-motorized activities were charged for.

Fun-ny Island!
Fun-ny Island!

Also, please don’t forget to carry your stop watch, for you’ll probably end up without food even if your ten minutes in time. I think in every culture it’s considered rude to disturb somebody during their meal. But somehow the staff at fun islands was oblivious to this. During my first dinner here I was asked to hurry if I wanted more food as the kitchen was closing, then asked to hurry finishing my food, twice, and finally asked not to carry the coffee mug outside the dining area implying I had intentions of taking it with me as a souvenir. I asked the guy his name and he promptly replied- I have no name! I wonder if he would have replied the same if I was tipping him.

Order a bottle of water and it will be delivered in a couple of hours. Make sure you order well in advance unless you enjoy dehydrating yourself. The service was sluggish and sloppy. This was after having a word with the deputy manager who assured that the rest of our stay would be exceptional.

Even the food was repetitive. And if you’re a vegetarian, may god bless you! You’ll enjoy a full plate of daal-chawal with a side serving of nothing!

We had fun snorkeling and watching the sunrise & sunset. But honestly if you’re on a budget and dying for the beach, go to Goa. Fun Islands in Maldives will leave you sad and disappointed unless you have a fun company with whom you can just laugh it out!

Cost: 3N/4D package with full board (all) meals costed us Rs. 53000. This includes airport transfer via speed boat (45 mins).

                                                                        – By Abhinav & Purva

P.S.: Don’t strike off Maldives all together as a romantic destination. Just find a good resort.  

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.


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