Weekend Getaway: The Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Water House Cottage
Water House Cottage

Being close to nature is a beautiful feeling. Being close to nature in the lap of luxury is even better. Our experience at the Tree House Resort was filled with magical moments, happy experiences growing manifold with awe inspiring gestures of Mother Nature’s grandeur. It’s difficult not to fall in love all over again with oneself and one’s loved one in such close proximity to nature.

One feels replenished, rejuvenated, recharged, reborn even. Imagine waking up to the sounds of wading ducks, chirping birds and cascading water. While the landscape soothes your senses, cozy interiors and warm hospitality just add to the experience. The smiling and courteous staff – from the general manager to the gentleman brooming outside my room – take the experience up a notch.

The fact that it is so close to Delhi (4-hour drive away) makes Tree House Resort an ideal weekend getaway. Expensive yes, but trust me, it’s worth a visit.

Personally, I feel the uniqueness of the Tree House Resort isn’t the tree house rooms but the two separate themes it offers – Tree House and Water House cottages. Our suggestion would be to spend a night each in the two distinct cottages.

Water House Cottages

The Water House Resort has an oriental theme. Decorated with Indonesian artifacts and designed with immense passion, the architect deserves applause. So fine are the details that we kept forgetting that this place is in India and that too in Rajasthan. So soothing with a little winter chill in the air.

The place is magically romantic. The rooms are warm and cozy wooden structures with attached ponds. It gives an impression of a houseboat from the inside. The experience just gets better and better. Just sit and enjoy the sunset, or be witness to the majestic waterfall… the place has been made with a lot of love and that love encapsulates the guests. We’re lucky to be here in each other’s company!


Weekend getaway from Delhi
Aesthetically appealing Tree House Resort

Tree House Cottages

The Tree House cottages will bring out the child in you. All rooms are adventurously elevated, offering a very unique view from the windows. It’s so refreshing to live among the birds like one. What’s more, there are tree branches within most of the rooms. I can only imagine how happy your kids would be here. And don’t worry, the rooms are warm, safe, extremely well maintained and laden with luxury. You can take the luxury quotient for granted here. Whether you’re up in a tree or out on the water, you will be well taken care of.


With farm fresh ingredients available all around, expectations are high for the quality of food at the resort. It does not disappoint you at all. In fact, it impressed us pretty much. Our plates were full even when we weren’t “hungry enough”! Taking care of distinct palates, the meals are a mix of North Indian, Continental, and local cuisines. But come on a Saturday and relish authentic Rajasthani flavours: Dal Batti, Ker Sangri, Jungle Maas, Jaipuri Bhindi, Gatte ki sabzi, Rajasthani Kadi, Bajre ki Barfi. Simply delectable. Kudos to the chef for doing equal justice to local as well as other dishes. We’re sure to remember the taste of Continental Fish, Chilli Parantha, (very fresh) jaggery (gud) for a long time.

The best part during this time of the year was enjoying the meals under the warmth of winter sun during lunch and near bonfire during dinner. Breakfast, relatively, is a little disappointing. It could get better.

weekend getaway from Delhi
Nature Lover’s Paradise!


A nature’s lover is unlikely to get bored at the Tree House Resort, Jaipur. Hear singing birds, watch dancing trees, take a walk in the greens – lots to do while you do nothing! Yet if you wish to engage yourself, there are several activities. Relax at the spa (decent infrastructure) and then doze off on your comfortable bed. Or go swimming (if the water isn’t too cold for your senses). Pick a cycle and push the pedals closer to nature. Tennis, badminton, archery, cricket – choose your game. In the evening, go for Jungle Safari and meet baby hyena, sambar, hare, jackal, and if lucky, leopard. The brave Chunnilal (driver) took upon himself to introduce us to all the fauna. (He would have ensured handshakes too if we were half as brave as him.) Though not very big fans of the wildlife, we had a delightful experience (perhaps also because it was for free. Teehee.)

A special mention again to the staff of the resort – a very happy and helpful lot. They seemed happy with their work environment. And that came across in their service as well. A special thanks to Priyanka, Mr. Negi and Mr. Devender for making our stay exceptional.


Thumbs Up:

  • Outstanding concept. You can enjoy two distinct experiences in a weekend.
  • Unity with nature along with comforts of luxury
  • Cozy rooms and fresh food


Thumbs Down:  

Expensive. But then it’s luxury with a difference.

Fact File:

Location: Opp Amity University, 34kms before Jaipur. (Look out for a small cut and the sign boards…not very noticeable). Best way to reach from Delhi is by road. Took us exactly 4 hrs in the morning.

Tariff: Rs 16,000 onwards per night inclusive of all meals. Check here.

Tip: Book one night at Tree House and one at Water House cottage. Enjoy the encounter with nature. Don’t go complaining about birds chirping too much! (Yeah, there are complaints like that.)

P.S.: Do not stop by at Sagar Ratna at Behror on your way back to Delhi. Horrible food and service.

Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.


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