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We live in a world where dreams have a price tag, hopes have consequences  and wishes have a expiry date. It’s a world where you hear “you cannot” more often than “you should”.
Dark nights are long yet there’s no time and peace to admire the stars.
But then there’s the bright blue sky — filling us with hope and light every morning. We believe in the limitlessness of the blue sky. We believe in the hope it brings.
And with this hope, we bring to you this travel & lifestyle e-magazine that talks about everything that brightens up our heart. Come, and join us on your magical journeys, where we explore cultures, norms and cliches. Come and be a Blue Sky Dreamer!
Meet the team: 
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Abhinav, Chief Editor: With a passion for food and travel, and a constant itch for writing, I have often enjoyed writing my experiences. And I’d love to share my experiences with you. I am boring by profession (I am a technical writer) and scared by reality. BlueSkyDreamers is my escape from Alcatraz, my Shawshank Redemption. My passion for writing grew with my love for food, travel and my wife, in the exact order. And together we try to bring to you a fun read about food, travel and relationships.
Purva, Editor & Social Media Manager: More than the destination, I believe in the magic of journeys. I started my professional journey 10 years ago as a business reporter with India’s leading financial daily, Economic Times. After a few years, I decided to quit the job for the love of travelling. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave the brand for a small travel magazine. But as they say, bigger the risk, bigger the adventure. The decision was a ticket to lots and lots of travel. I went on to head the editorial for a hospitality magazine while writing travelogues for various publications.
Also a biography writer, I have penned two books.
Website Numbers:
Social media reach: 60k per post
Instagram: 10k+ followers
TripAdvisor: Level 5
Zomato: Level 10 Super Foodie
Email Subscribers: 6900+
Write to us at writetodreamers@gmail.com to invite us for a review or a trip. Contact us also for any content requirement: for publications, web portals, coffee table books, press releases, brochures, biography writing, et al…
Connect with us on FB: www.facebook.com/blueskydreamers 


  • Jo

    Purva, it was lovely meeting you today. I went through your blog and i love your writing style.. It is effortless and catchy. Great job. Lets stay in touch 🙂

  • Ruchika

    Eating disorder leads to anorexia, travelling disorder leads to ‘Travelorexia.’

    Need, want, whatever it may be, Travel has to be a part of my life because it explores my inner being in different situations and locales and explores other cultures too. What could be more interesting than that!

  • iheart11

    Hi, I am quite similar too…although it is difficult for me to travel often, I never miss out on a chance to explore something new in and around my city. Your blog makes me want to go back to India and explore more of it (I live in the US now).
    Keep up the good work!

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