honeymoon in Greece and Spain

Honeymoon Diaries: Greece & Spain

Planning a trip to Greece and Spain for you honeymoon? Take notes from travel diary of Amish Singhal and Sheena Agarwal who started their nuptial journey with a trip to these gorgeous destinations. 

honeymoon in Greece and Spain

Our First Meeting:

We met about seven years back at a networking event and that’s how it all began! Slowly, we connected over social media. At that point of time I was in Ahmedabad and we were essentially each other’s shrink. Later, I moved to Delhi in 2009 and since then we have been together.

Our Honeymoon Destination:

We went to Greece (Athens, Santorini and Mykonos) and Spain (Barcelona) on a Cruise (Royal Caribbean). We chose Greece because of its natural beauty. Also, we wanted to go to a place where there was a lot to do along with the abundance of natural beauty; Greece was just the perfect choice.

honeymoon in Spain


On the other hand, Barcelona happened because our cruise started from there. And well we are so glad it happened. The city has varied form of art which was rather intriguing. We got see some of the finest works by Gaulle and we loved it! The cruise was just what we could have asked for. It was relaxing and at the same time there was so much to see. We visited various ports, which one could not have explored otherwise. Our favourite was Taormina and Rome.

Honeymoon Itinerary:

We first arrived in Athens where our stay lasted for two days. We took a tour to Acropolis Museum and then caught a flight to Santorini. We stayed there for three days and did the Caldera Tour there which was beautiful! A rather silent part of our trip was at Mykonos for two days; this was because it was off season there. Finally, we went to Barcelona for a day. We did the hop-on-hop off tour and toured in the cruise. We had enough time to ourselves to relax, walk around the local markets and enjoy good food.


The Most Gorgeous View:

Santorini. The white contrasting against the blues is breathtaking. If you go towards Oia, there is a small church like structure amidst the town from where the view is indescribable.

honeymoon in Greece


One Word That Describes The Honeymoon:


The Most Memorable Part Of The Trip:

While we were leaving the Acropolis in Athens, a band was playing right outside; we stopped to watch. The singer called me to sing along with him and fortunately, he knew a little bit of Hindi. So we ended up singing a love song for my husband that was partly French, partly English with some Hindi in it too. That’s my best moment!

Tips For Couples Planning Their Honeymoon:

It is important for couples to know exactly how much and where each of them likes to travel. We are all very different as travellers and it is important for the couple to be able to enjoy this trip together.

Our Budget:

About Rs. 9-10 lakhs

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