offbeat honeymoon destinations from India
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Offbeat Luxury Honeymoon Destinations from India


offbeat honeymoon destinations from India

A couple of soon-to-get-married friends have been asking for recommendations for offbeat  destinations for their romantic vacation, so we thought of putting a post about it. Of these, I haven’t been to Kenya yet but it looks like a gorgeous place for honeymoon! 


offbeat honeymoon destinations
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SWEDEN: A Scandinavian nation of thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains, Sweden has a landscape that is truly romantic. The coastal cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are not just gorgeous but are also full of gastronomic adventures and cultural experiences to make your trip memorable.  There’s plenty for the couples seeking adrenaline rush: hiking, downhill and cross country skiing, fishing, canoeing and river rafting, climbing, snowmobiling, cycling, dog sledding, reindeer rides, and icebreaker tours. And if you wish to experience the extreme, take a trip to Northern Sweden and be prepared to be amazed by concepts like that of the famous ICEHOTEL — where you can eat from ice-plates, drink from ice glasses and sleep in -5 degrees C in a hotel made of ice and snow! I recently shared my travel experience to Stockholm here.

offbeat romantic destintions
Kaohsiung City in Taiwan is ideal for art & food lovers

TAIWAN:  This name wouldn’t pop up when you’re thinking of honeymoon destinations. However, if you’re looking for “something different”, Taiwan can amaze you. Home to bizarre concepts like the famous toilet-themed or hospital-themed restaurants and even more bizarre food, Taiwan is truly different. Plus, there is more to Taiwan than its food. For instance, the beautiful Sun Moon lake – a romantic spot for honeymooners. Northern Taiwan has sandy beaches and coastal trails to make your honeymoon a dreamy experience. I earlier wrote about my experience in Taiwan and things to buy from Taiwan.

Africa_Kenya_Hot air ballooning

KENYA: This is not exactly an offbeat destination given the recent attention from honeymooners. But a luxury itinerary can make it exclusive and offbeat. Abercrombie & Kent Vacations India suggests a 10-day holiday that includes stays at luxurious tents on the plains or by the river across Lewa Safari Camp and Sanctuary Olonana as well as a charming home by the coast at Kinondo Kwetu. Make your experience exclusive by activities such as breakfast with spectacular views of snow-capped Mt Kenya, private game drives and bush walks to explore the wilderness and remarkable fauna including the Big Five in Maasai Mara and Lewa, entertainment by the local Samburu community, cruise at Diani Beach, hot air balloon safari over the plains and much more.

offbeat romantic destinations
Kayaking in Poland is an ethereal experience.

POLAND: A trip to Poland can be a life-changing experience. While breathtaking beauty can be found anywhere in Europe, it is Poland’s way of life that is bound to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Whether you are a history lover or a shutterbug, a foodie or a spa-enthusiast – Poland has something for everyone to fall in love with. While there is plenty to see and do here, we recommend spending quality time with your partner being keen observers of nature and life. Such a trip would be romantic in true sense of the word!

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