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Beauty Tips: Skin and Hair Care for Your Hill Holiday

It’s that time of the year when hills are calling one and all! You probably must have booked your trip for Nanital or one of the other gorgeous hill stations. But are your skin and hair ready? We’ve got renowned dermatologist  Dr Kiran Lohia to give you tips for protecting your skin and hair on your hill holiday.

Dealing with colder air

A hilly destination means that the air is thinner, colder and drier. The cold biting air may make you feel invigorated, but it can be torture for your skin. When the air is colder and dry in the hills, the atmosphere steals moisture from your skin, making it drier. That is why most people in the hills feel like their skin is almost chapped. They may even see physical flakes flaking off! So how do you handle this? Use a gentle non-foaming cleanser no more than twice a day, and moisturize with a heavy cream containing ceramides. Make sure to moisturize at least 2-3 times a day in order to counteract the dryness.

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Don’t forget the sun

Another issue is that there is a lot more sun in a hilly location. Many people think that since the weather is cold, the sun must be less strong. This is not true. The sun is still out there and you are still getting skin damaging UV rays. In fact, many people come back tanned from these types of retreats! So wearing your sunblock is a definite must. Look for broad-spectrum protection with both UVA and UVB protection.

Remember, UVA rays cause pigmentation and aging while UVB causes tanning and sunburn. So look for a sunblock that covers both. For UVA protection, get a sunscreen that has at least PA++ on it, and for UVB protection SPF30-50 is more than enough. And no, getting SPF’s above 50 will not be better for you. The extra SPF above 50 only adds an extra 1% of sun protection, while making your skin look greasier and tackier!

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skincare tips for hill holiday

For Happy Hair Days:

Now onto your hair. The wind doesn’t just dry out your skin, it also does the same to your luscious locks. And, the sun causes premature aging of those strands, resulting in drier hair, more frizziness and more hair breakage. So what to do?

First things first, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Gentle hairwashes will help prevent extra hair drying. Second, condition before you shampoo. Yes, you read right. By conditioning your hair first, you protect your strands from getting the nutrition and proteins leached out by shampoos. Then remember to condition again after your shampoo.

Another tip is to wear leave-in conditioner; it will also help protect your locks from the wind. This can be done daily for the ultimate results. Finally, wear sunscreen on your hair. It will protect it from sun damage.

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