spa and diet tips for summer
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Summer Wellness: Recommended Diet & Spa Treatments

Don’t let the scorching heat dry up your fitness plans! Follow these simple diet and spa tips by J Tara Herron, Director, The Imperial Spa & Salon for a happy and healthy summer…

spa and diet tips for summer

We all know how dehydrating and damaging the merciless eastern sun can be to our skin. However, the sun also transmits essential vitamin D to strengthen our bones and joints.  The light as well as the penetrating rays of the sun need to be harnessed at their most positive hours, so do make time to absorb this vital energy for an hour before 11 am each day when the rising sun is at its most beneficial and least harmful. We can then store this vital energy throughout the day, and throughout our lives protecting us from potential osteoporosis and other vitamin D deficient imbalances which are so common in very hot countries.

Living in hot climates also involves air conditioning which in summer becomes 24/7, even during sleep, which contributes towards more dehydration affecting our circulation and joints.  The chill of the air-conditioning, particularly if you lead a more sedentary life, can adversely affect our musculo-skeletal system, so finding lifestyle balance is extremely important.

When it’s a really hot summer we also tend not to exercise, walk or move around so much as exerting energy can be exhausting, so make sure you find a cool environment to maintain your work-out sessions and walk in the early morning or evening. Swimming is also the one of the best exercises to keep you cool and energized in summer.

Diet Essentials For Summer Wellness

Traditionally, Ayurveda offers us a complete science of health starting with our digestion and there is no better way to keep cool than with a satiating glass of lassi, made of 2 parts yoghurt and to 3 parts water blended with a pinch of sandalwood and cardamom powders for a cooling digestive aid to your circulation.

Generally speaking, reduce the amount of acidic foods in your diet during summer as these also aggravate Pitta and make people even more irritable than the external heat may cause.  Find alkaline solutions to your diet that help maintain balance and equanimity as much as possible.

Water-rich foods that help cool down Pitta Dosha tendency are cucumber, rose water, melons, broccoli, zucchini, butter and ghee. Avoid too much honey or molasses as these can heat up the body as do most acidic substances such as coffee, meat, cheese, garlic, cayenne, black pepper and chili peppers. Instead choose mild herbs like coriander, cilantro and cardamom plus the miraculous cooling Amla berries which are particularly helpful to reduce body heat for all Pitta conditions. This can manifest as prickly heat, sunstroke and headaches with nausea, plus over sensitive skin and rashes.

Other helpful ingredients are mint leaves, pure rose water, summer squash and coconut water is considered one of the best balancing drinks bringing high nutrition to hydrate and maintain cool energy.

Spa Treatments to Beat the Heat
spa for summers
Try the Citrus Drench Spa at The Imperial to beat the heat

Summer monsoon season is also considered to be the best time for Pancha Karma treatments as the Agni (fire) is weak and therefore easier to detox the body and mind. Many spa seekers from all over the world receive their annual cleansing retreat during this time to maximize the benefits.

The spa environment is ideal for summer treats and there are some premium skin care therapies that keep you feeling fresh and healthy.  At The Imperial Spa, we have brought together the best of eastern and western therapies to boost your energy, help you de-tox, stay hydrated, keep trim and feel cool from the inside out.  From wonderful Gharshana Rose Neem Body Scrubs to high performance anti-aging Natura Bisse body treatment using Vitamin C in The Citrus Drench or Diamond Rose Experience Ritual we are here to bring equanimity amidst the heat and storm and restore you back to balance.

Tara Herron tips for a healthy summer

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Jacqueline Tara Herron is a wellness professional with over two decades of experience in the field. She started her career in the UK & USA as a yoga and meditation teacher, aromatherapist and stress consultant. In 1990 she founded ‘Yogic Solutions’ seeing clients and operating an accredited body/mind training school.

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