Flavours From The Streets of Beijing at The China Kitchen

What’s the best way to visit China without leaving Delhi and without any paper work or visa hassles? Simple, visit The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency New Delhi! Okay, may be that’s an exaggeration but that’s how I felt after the new flavours on the menu satisfied the food dragon in my tummy.

The moment you enter the restaurant you know you’re in for a quality experience. The restaurant doesn’t hide its kitchen in a cloak of anonymity. Rather, it displays it with elan, like a badge of honor. The chefs look busy, cooking up masterpiece dishes that not only look tempting but fill up the atmosphere with a celebratory aroma. Trust me, for a food lover, and that too for someone who has an especially soft corner for Chinese cuisine, the sight is something to behold.

The restaurant that boasts of a whopping 128 dishes has recently introduced some new dishes from the gastronomically-blessed streets of Beijing. The team of 6 chefs, headed by Chef Zhang, have done their best to add new favours inspired by Beijing street style food. We were served some old time classics such as Shrimp dumpling and clay pot king fish, along with some new arrivals including the three colour dumpling (mushrom, spinach & carrot), Sichuan-style chicken wonton, and wok-fried prawn.

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I really enjoyed the fact that the vegetarian dishes here are as soulful as the non-vegetarian dishes. Whether it was the cold Sichuan style spicy lamb salad that had a perfect balance of cold meat and hot spice, the wok fried chili chicken with bullet chili and spring onions, the shrimp dumpling with sweet corn or the wok tossed fresh mushroom salad, the spicy green dumpling, the food was simply delicious.

The main course was nothing shy of fantastic as well. We were served clay pot sizzling fish, followed by Hunan style spicy sliced chicken, spicy wok fried lamb stew, prawns and chef’s special Papillote vegetables.

But what stood out was the traditional roast duck. The experience is absolutely indescribable. The crisp glazed outer skin that has a delicious and distinctive crunch to it. The succulent duck meat with all its juices intact. This is a food item that in itself can perform the role of a cultural ambassador, such is the fanaticism around it. On a lighter note, I’m surprised it hasn’t started signing autographs 😉

The carbs included Shanxi style belt noodle and wok-fried rice.

The sweet dish began with an even sweeter news of The China Kitchen opening at Cyber Hub Gurugram as TCK in October. The restaurant will offer five-star quality food at competitive prices. Now, that’s what I call best of both worlds! This was succeeded by a green tea tiramusu and melting chocolate. With just the right amount of sugar and sweetness, the experience ended on a high note.


Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.


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