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Our Story: How we decided to call it Blue Sky Dreamers…

We get this question very often. In fact, almost everyone who meets us wants to know how we came up with such a unique name for our website. My wife, Purva, wasn’t keen on divulging the details earlier. But recently she had a change of heart and agreed that we should share the story behind our name. We felt our followers were like our extended family and deserved to know the secret behind our name.

Couple travel bloggers
At the launch of Aloft Hotel Bengaluru where it all began!

It all began when I met my wife for the very first time. We had met through a common friend who was playing cupid from Sydney! Both of us agreed to meet intending to keep the meeting short and quick. She was there for the launch of Aloft Hotel Bengaluru while I was in the city for work. 

I remember heading to the hotel and waiting casually in the lobby. This was like any other date but somehow it felt a bit different. I mean, I had been on dates before and there is the usual anxiety of meeting a stranger in such situations, but this was different.

I had seen her pictures before but they did not do justice to her effervescent personality… I was awestruck. We sat in the hotel lobby and ordered a cup of coffee each. I remember telling myself to look away from her every few seconds, for the temptation of staring at her loomed dangerously in my head. I wanted to play the prince charming who wins the dame and not the creepy guy who gets a lesson in social media blocking one-o-one!  Thankfully, the coffee arrived and became my prop to hide my awkwardness.

Couple travel bloggers
Us on the way to a trip to Mauritius

The key to any successful relation is communication, and we loved talking to each other. Imagine, we ended up spending two and a half hours for what was intended to be a quick meeting! I remember telling her the silliest things about myself. But I remember the safety and priority I felt when we had our conversations. She gave me time, attention and reinforcement, things that I had always longed for in my relationships.

We spoke without any need to fill in awkward silences, because there were none. We spoke about a lot of things. 

Time was not being my friend and eventually I had to move. We moved towards the porch where my cab was waiting and as I was leaving I looked at her and asked her very casually- “one final question; what do you dream about”? She looked puzzled, as if no one had ever asked her this before, as if I was the first person in the world who seemed to care about her dreams. She took a moment, looked up at the sky, then looked deep into my eyes and said- “I dream of blue skies, I dream of touching the stars, I dream of happiness”. I heard what she said and in an almost transcendent state replied, “So do I. I guess we’re both blue sky dreamers”.

Two very subtle things happened in that very moment. Firstly, I never realized that I had accidentally christened our website and secondly, I never realized that I had fallen completely and utterly in love with my future wife. 

Blue Sky Dreamers travel bloggers
At Alila Diwa Goa


We are dreamers. We love blue skies, the blue sea, and everything in between. It’s the reason why we both love travel so much. John Lennon once said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. Well, I surely hadn’t planned this but that one moment changed my life forever. I hope you liked this story and I also hope that you get to fulfill a love story just like I did.


Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.


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