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Practical Fitness Tips to Keep Up Your Resolutions This Year!

So, how’s your fitness resolution going so far? We’ve got Dr Deepti Bagree, HOD at Reset Holistic Living Concepts (Mumbai) to share fitness tips that can make you stick with the resolutions all year long. 

“Resolution” a synonym for a new YOU in terms of health and body but also reminds us of the bumpy roads and pitfalls that takes it to reach there and we are left with a question staring at us as to how can we stick around it this time!

There are various ways to make it possible simply by making resolutions more realistic and time bound.

Few of the realistic fitness resolution can be:

Get Moving! 

The only secret after eating right is being active so try going for a post dinner walk or taking the stairs, avoid sitting at one place more than 2 hours. Pedometer, smart phone apps for counting steps are all great ways to keep a tab on overall day’s activity. 45 min to an hour of daily exercise is a must. It can help control blood pressure, improve sugar levels, reduce body fat, improve cardiac health and lung capacity. Taking up a challenge of achieving 10000 steps each day is a great way to keep active and fit.

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Go Off white

White sugar, table salt, refined flour can all pose a challenge to weight watchers in achieving their health goals so giving up on these is a must. Start with few restrictions like:

  • avoid sprinkling salt over, salads,
  • avoid pickle, poppadum, brined vegetables, jam, jellies etc.
  • instead using seasonings like cardamom powder, green chilies, cinnamon on powder, garlic powder, lemon, jaggery, whole cereals etc.

This will help curb cravings and at the same time avoid unnecessary use of refined flour, sugar and salt.

Say Bye to Bakery 

The saying “life is better with fresh baked cookies” isn’t true anymore as these deliciously aromatic cookies as they are loaded with trans fats, refined flour and refined sugar and the high heat damages the nutrients of food being baked making it unhealthy for consumption. Instead, opt for ragi/bajra/jowar crackers/puffs/khakharas are better choices for tea time snacking.

Avoid processed foods 

All those that come in beautiful packets may not always be healthy so reading labels and going off foods loaded with artificial colorant and preservatives should be the agenda for all health connoisseurs. From wafers to self-proclaimed health drinks to ready-to-eat convenience foods should all be off the kitchen shelf. Use foods naturally produced, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, sun dried and organic spices. Food labels give a lot of information about the ingredients, quantity, quality and the way it’s been processed. Read them carefully!

Do a digital detox 

When the world is getting tech savvy, it’s time for us to go off it for at least an hour before bedtime, as the light emitted from the gadgets (cell phone, TV, laptops etc) interfere in sleep inducing hormone melatonin production and so affects the entire next day’s cycle of detoxification that happens during sleep and other metabolic processes leading to low energy levels, water retention, increased fat, sleep disorders etc. Try following a sleep hygiene routine to help body get adequate rest and rejuvenate. 

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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