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Rice in Nice!: Enjoy Pan Asian Flavors at Radisson New Delhi Dwarka

If you are looking for an oriental restaurant in Dwarka, we recommend Rice at Radisson Blu New Delhi Dwarka. Take a look at our recommendations below. 

Delhi’s fondness for Japanese cuisine is noticeably going up. And it’s not just the love for Sushi. The city is willing to experiment with the other courses of a Japanese meal. That’s just one reason why Rice at Radisson Blu New Delhi Dwarka is changing its menu, skewing it towards more of Japanese flavors.

While the menu is yet to change, we got a taste of some of the new experiments by Chef Mahesh Sharma at the hotel’s oriental restaurant. Here’s our review of the restaurant.

Ambiance & Decor

Natural lighting (and quite a lot of it!) makes Rice look even more spacious than it actually is. Though more seats could be accommodated, we are told they are purposely kept less to maintain the idea of space. The sight of passing Delhi Metro and the surrounding greenery make the view from the large windows, appealing.

Like in most oriental restaurants, red stands out in the interiors. The restaurant dons a more cozy look in the evening.

Food & Drinks

We began our meal with Japanese fare: Shake Maki served with Kikkoman soya and wasabi. The salmon sushi roll made for the perfect start to the afternoon. We next had Prawn Har Gow with soya ginger and garlic celery sauce. Juicy with chunks of shrimp barely visible through translucent dough, har gow is a traditional Cantonese dumpling. The translucent covering is made from wheat starch, sealed with several neat pleats. It was thin enough to show off the colour of the prawns inside, as it should be in an authentic har gow or gau.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce followed next. Tenderly grilled meat marinated in  creamy coconut milk and curry powder, this was a Thai-inspired starter. It did not leave a lasting impression probably because what followed next was more impressive. Honey Chilli Lotus Stem, another Thai starter scored high for me because of its crispiness. Makes for a good starter to an oriental meal.

Next came Vegetable on a sugarcane stick with sweet chilli sauce. This would be my choice of starter if I visit the restaurant again. I am not sure but I think this one’s Vietnamese inspired dish. I haven’t had this combination before, and therefore, enjoyed it. Wok tossed crispy vegetable had nothing extraordinary about it.

I chose Tom Yum Kung over West Lake soup, and did not regret it. The soup was full of flavour. A little sour, a little spicy, this is the most famous of all Thai soup recipes.

For the Mains, we had Lamb in hot bean sauce. This Chinese preparation was paired with Vegetable hakka noodles. Next we tried a little bit of my all time favourite Thai dish: Thai green veg curry with Jasmine rice. While both the dishes had good flavours, what I liked better was Prawns in Sambal Sauce. A fiery dish is a must try for a spicy food fan.

Sambal is a hot sauce made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars.


Source: Wikipedia

The best usually comes in the end. When you come here, make sure you leave some space for the Homemade Coconut Jaggery Ice Cream. This is something I can go back to the restaurant for! Not too sweet and fresh, this one is worth all the calories.

Location: Radisson Blu New Delhi Dwarka Hotel

Meal for two: Rs 3000 + approx for two people

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