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Tips for First Time Business Travellers

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The purpose of travelling can be divided into two categories: business and pleasure. While mixing the two sounds fun, it isn’t something you should overindulge in. After all, a bad business score can cause you to make mistakes and in some cases, get fired! We mention this so you can understand how important a business trip is, especially if you are a beginner. It isn’t a holiday and it will never be. A plus side is that you will see something new, you will meet new people and if you follow these tips, a business trip won’t be stressful.

In a guest post, travel writer Elena Senelson, shares some useful tips for first time business travellers:

  • Check travel policy of your company

All companies have a travel policy, which mentions all what you can do, how much you can spend, etc. For first-time business travellers, checking and even memorizing the main points is extremely important. Don’t think that a company won’t track your expenses nor check your activities. They actually hire people who will do precisely this!

  • Always use trusted service providers

After you have travelled for a few times, you will have a list of service providers that should be used every single time. This also means that for the first time, you should check the Internet and speak to more experienced colleagues, so you don’t make a mistake. For example, in it he US, the Connecticut limousine service have high ratings, therefore this company should be used in this state. Always perform the mentioned check one week before your business trip will begin.

  • Leave travel items in a suitcase

Never, absolutely never remove travel items from your travel suitcase! If you do this, you will forget or lose something that may be extremely important at that particular moment. Socks, vitamins, pills, phone charger and other daily requirements must be in your suitcase at all times. If you have something that you use every day, it must be in a suitcase as well.

  • Use a plane ride properly

When you are on a plane, you will want to listen to music or watch a movie. All of this is great because it will help you pass the time. But, you could use that time on focusing your thoughts, working on something that you will use on your trip. All experienced businessmen will do precisely that!

  • Make a list

One week before a trip, make a list of all items you will need and place it in your suitcase. Check a list a few times and add if something is missing.

  • Be careful of your laptop and phone

Don’t check your laptop and a smartphone while taking a flight. 1% of luggage every day (worth of $1 billion) is lost by airline companies. Maybe this sounds like an irrelevant thing, but what if your luggage is lost? Losing a laptop with important files and a smartphone with important contacts will cost you a big time! You may even lose a contract or a job due to this mistake.

Be responsible but don’t forget to also enjoy the trip within possible limits! Happy travelling!


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