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Tea Time Conversations

How to Deal with Relationship Stress

Hectic schedules, no time for weekend getaways or a vacation, social commitments — a holiday may not always be possible to get away from the mundane life. We live in stressful times and more often than not end up allowing the stress to impact our love life. If you crack up under stress and end up shouting and acting like a cave man, then you’re not the only one- trust me. But how do we curb this behaviour? Can we remove stress from our lives? Maybe not but we sure can use these tips to reduce the impact and maintain our sanity.

1. Talk it out – I cannot emphasize enough on this. No matter how big the issue, it’s very important that you talk it out with your partner. Even the foulest of differences can be resolved with this simple approach. But keep in mind that one’s ego has to be left at the door. Don’t wait for your partner to start the dialogue. Just try to remember the happy times and stop dwelling on the sour moments.

talk to girls relationship trouble advice
Talk it out.

2. The Tea Ceremony– Practice an elaborate tea ceremony or just make a simple cup of tea. Most issues can be resolved in the kitchen. Most guys aren’t very proficient in the kitchen but a cup of tea is simple. Making a cup of tea for your partner says a lot but above all, it says I love you. And what goes best with a cup of tea is a conversation. Read the above point to get my drift.

impress your wife girlfriend with tea
The Tea Ceremony.

3. Hit the Movies– Sometimes talking isn’t easy. Sometimes you just need a set up where talking is tough and you have some other source of entertainment, like a romcom. Just sit next to your partner at a cinema and enjoy a laugh riot together. And before you know it you guys will be laughing with each other and at the issue as well. Holding hands eventually would be a nice touch. Avoid PDA for my sake.

romantic movies for good love life.
Hit the Movies.

4. Relive a Date– We all have our favorite dates. Maybe a first date or maybe a most memorable one. Relive that moment when you were both gushing with love. If the issue is too big then your partner might be unwilling to indulge in this idiocy. But ask her to trust you or better yet, make her read this blog. Our brain is very powerful. Once out on that date, you’ll soon remember the good old times and forget the problems.

romantic date rekindle the romance
Relive a Date

5. Play it Out– If you’re into fitness and enjoy games like tennis, then go for a friendly match. Sports help relieve the stress. A word of caution- winning the match isn’t as important as winning over your partner. Try missing a few points here and there just to let your partner feel superior. And just in case you’re losing, well, then actually you’re winning. In the end, let the score be love all. If you aren’t physically fit like the author, try your hand at a gory action game on the play station. The violence will be a good outlet for your stress. Shout out loud with each kill and you’ll end up with a ton of humor.

games for love fun video games for saving marriage
Play it out

6. Thousand Watt Smile– If it’s too difficult to do the above then simple smile at your partner. Make it as innocent as possible. Try remembering the cutest puppy and get all your acting skills in play. Hopefully it would be the ice breaker you need to get talking. A word of caution- and innocent smile is very different from a smirk. Try googling it first.

smile love flirt relationship fun
Thousand Watt Smile.

There are so many other ways which you can try- a gentle massage, a little cuddling, maybe some pampering, some online shopping, foreplay, and the list goes on. You have to decide what works best for you. But one most important fact above all- nothing feels better than a healthy relationship. So love your love and stop the stress!

Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.

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