Spaghetti kitchen review

Review: Spaghetti Kitchen, Tagore Garden

If you reside in West Delhi, you are probably a frequent visitor to the buzzing Pacific Mall. We’re there almost every alternate weekend to pick up groceries and shopping. And if like us, you are a regular you’d know how difficult it is to find a seating place at the food court on a weekend. While we do not mind waiting usually, we prefer trying out the restaurants when we plan to eat even more leisurely. Our visit to Spaghetti Kitchen at the mall was on one such evening. Here’s a quick review:

Ambience: The place has more of a casual cafe sort of an ambience than that of a fine-dining restaurant (that the brand positions itself to be). One obviously cannot expect a quiet ambience given the number of footfalls the mall gets. The popular American music in the background is almost redundant as it does not add value to environ but does not spoil it either.

Food: Do not visit the restaurant expecting an authentic Italian meal (for that you must walk to the Jamie’s Pizzeria on the opposite side!). Fortunately or unfortunately, it is localized to appease the Indian palate, it is how most of us like the Italian cuisine to be! You get a complimentary bread basket: fresh bread best savoured with olive oil. The thin crust pizza is enjoyable but does not have a taste that will remain with you for a long time. We also tried the Black Pepper Chicken from the main course. It is a sizable portion of chicken breast served with roasted veggies and mash potato and black peppercorn sauce. The sauce adds zing to the chicken but left us craving for more to go along with the entire dish.

We complemented the meal with our favourite Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco white wine. There is a large variety on offer for wines, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages (something that’s missing at Jamie’s Pizzeria)

Service: Despite being a busy restaurant, service is not an issue at this outlet. It is prompt and efficient.

Price: One pizza, Black Pepper Chicken and a bottle of wine costed us Rs 3500 approx


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