Par-tea Time: TeaCupsFull Has Tea For Every Mood

How do you like your tea? If you are a true tea lover, you probably replied that saying it depends on your mood. The answer might depend on whether you want tea to energize, de-stress, improve productivity or get a restful night’s sleep.

Offering a tea blend for every mood is an exclusive tea boutique in Gurgaon, called TeaCupsFull. We got some varieties of teas for a review. Trust us when we say we are having a tea-riffic time tasting them!

What Makes TeaCupsFull Different?

NK Puri has spent 53 years harvesting, manufacturing, and selling the finest of teas. Born in Darjeeling, he feel in love with teas seeing his father do the same. But who is NK Puri, you ask? Well, this tea planter is the brain behind the brand along with Shikha Puri (his daughter-in-law). So, they have tea running in their veins!

The knowledge, tricks of the trade, secrets of manufacturing etc have been passed on to the next generation diligently. Purists in wanting to sell best quality tea, the owners ensure each tea is selected after stringent selection. They do not sell tea available off the shelf. The tea masters working with them have worked in the estates of Darjeeling, Assam, and Dooars.

The fact that the business is run by a tea planters family is reason enough to believe that the brand is different. But the main proof lies in the taste…

Is it Your Cup of Tea?

Before I begin talking about different tea tastes, I’d like to point out that it is important to keep in mind the brewing time mentioned on the pack else there can be some bitterness in taste.

The Moonlight White Tea

The fragrance of the dry tea leaves is fresh. The golden colour is just lovely. It tastes smooth and sweet. According to tea connoisseurs, white tea cannot easily be over steeped. So don’t worry about it getting too bitter. The tea is perfect when you need to uplift your mood. (Brewing time: 3 mins)

The Organic Sikkim Black Orthodox

With a woody flavour, this tea from Bermiok estate has a distinct taste. Brew it for about 4 minutes and enjoy a cuppa with or without milk. (Brewing Time: 2-4 minutes)

Grand Cinnamon Green

This is one variety fitness lovers would swear by. Blending green tea and cinnamon, it packs in several benefits like helping in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. I loved the smell of cinnamon in this tea. Perfect morning cuppa! (2-3 minutes)

Special Masala Chai

If you are a fan of the typical Indian chai, TeaCupsFull has something for you too! Yes, the one you can freely mix milk and sugar and get a cup that you would love to enjoy on a rainy day like today may be… It is raining heavily outside. Perhaps, it is time for me to go and make myself a cup of chai!

There are several other varieties including green, black, organically flavoured. The teas are accompanied by cards which are very informative about the brewing process, the time needed and of course additions which should or should not be used. Available on Amazon

What’s your tea type? Which variety do you prefer the most? Tell us in the comments below…

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.


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