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How Does Chef Ranveer Brar Stay So Fit?

We had a fun interaction with Chef Ranveer Brar the last time we met him. We spoke about food and travel. But this time we asked him what we often wonder every time we see him! How does one stay fit when cooking and eating is what one does for a living? We met Chef Ranveer Brar and asked him about his fitness secrets even as he tempted us by cooking some delicious meals at a get together organized by Le Creuset.

Ranveer Brar
Chef Ranveer Brar shares his fitness secrets

You think about food all day. You cook, taste and are surrounded by food all the time. How do you manage to keep yourself so fit?

Diet and exercise. There’s no other alternative to good health. Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s important to follow discipline and do a bit of both: watch what you eat and exercise regularly. Then there are habits you form. Like some things don’t exist in my life. Maida, aerated beverages, sugar added juices, white sugar – these just don’t exist for me. I completely avoid lot of processed stuff. It’s essentially how you adapt to the lifestyle; once you’re on track it becomes a habit. Anyway, as a chef I have to keep a clean palate. I ensure I keep neutral flavours. I think the key is to know where to stop. Enjoy the flavours but tune your mind to know where to stop. Live to taste not to hog!

Sometime I feel I eat less because of stress at times. So maybe you should remain stressed to stop yourself from eating… (laughs)

I don’t think that’d work for me. I start overeating when I am tensed!

Then exercise! There’s no other alternative!

Well, yes that’s what I have been trying but temptations are just too many! What’s something that you cannot resist…

Anything sweet! I cannot complete my meal without having something meetha. I crave for sweets and indulge once in a while.

tips for travellers to stay fit

What’s your average daily meal like?

I start my day with an apple and green tea in the morning. In addition, I have something fibrous – daliya usually.  Then I have something every three hours. Talking about fitness, it reminds me, I am launching “Ranveer’s Miracle Meals”, a show on Tata Sky.  It is a joint venture between me and Suniel Shetty. It promotes the habit of eating 6 meals a day; 42 meals a week. It will make you lose 1.5 kgs in a month. The idea is that more you eat, the more you’ll lose. You just need to know the right quantity – don’t overindulge, don’t starve.

That sounds brilliant. Tips for travelers and foodies to stay fit.

I feel the more you travel, the more disciplined you are. For travelers, it’s much easier to maintain themselves. I remain more disciplined when I am on the go because I hit the gym on time etc. A fitness tip for travellers and foodies is to eat at fixed intervals, enjoy what you eat but do not overindulge.

I recommend people to start doing yoga; it does not require you to carry any equipments; doesn’t take much space. It keeps you healthy and calm.

Which are the chefs you admire for their fitness level?

Vikas Khanna is very conscious. Sanjeev too knows where to stop. I think it’s important. Gone are the days when chefs used to be pot bellied to be known a good chef! The benchmarks have changed now. And I think between me and Vikas, we can take some credit for promoting the idea (winks)

Of course. Before we end the interview, tell us about your favourite cookware brand:

I have used a lot of Le Creuset while I was working at the hotels. For me there are some brands that are reliable by its name only…they are the ‘gentlemen brands’. Le Creuset is not just visually appealing but also long lasting. I really like their salt crock. It’s not only aesthetic but also has utility value.

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  • Kalpana

    These are very good tips to stay fit. I swear by yoga with half an hour to an hour of cardio – depending on what you can fit in. But try and do an hour at least 3 times a week. Lovely post. Very nice blog 🙂

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