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Did we tell you that we have been rated as one of the top bloggers in Delhi NCR by Zomato? Obsessed with trying out new menus and restaurants and then writing about them, has got us to be among the best food bloggers in Delhi! Yayy!

However…our weighing scale isn’t ecstatic. Our clothes are in worse mood. Far from being joyful, they seem to be shrinking each day with shame and hopelessness. Our (overfull) wardrobes gave up on us long back hearing us say “we don’t have enough clothes” everyday.

All the despair has got us thinking. Enough bingeing. It’s high time Abhinav and I introduce the words “healthy eating” into our lives. Does that mean we have stopped eating out all together? Ha. Of course not. The difference now is that we are focusing more on the part of the menu that we’ve always ignored (read soups, salads, and anything that is healthy).

So when Eatonomist sent us an invite for review, we were intrigued. An online food start up, this delivery-only brand provides calorie-counted meals at your doorstep. The website’s uncluttered format speaks a lot about the brand’s philosophy. I like the fact that they have kept it simple and uncomplicated.

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The menu is limited and is changed every day. Few basic items remain the same but there are new options given in a bid to offer something new to its regular customers. Cool, isn’t it?

The brand is the brainchild of two management consultants Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna. The idea came about when the ladies got bored of having home food, eating cafeteria food with around 700 calories and no portion control as options for lunch at work. The idea has been fantastically executed by executive Chef Prasad Bhatt, who has over 10 years of national and international experience in hospitality sector.

We received our order around 8 pm but weren’t able to eat it until 9 (although I did sample a soupçon of keema and chicken). Yet, the food was delectable except for the breads. Microwave heating did not take away any flavor from the food. Thanks to the impressive packaging and of course, the skills of the chef!

What we ordered:

Roasted Pumpkin & Feta Salad (300 Kcal): Surprisingly, we’ve never had a roasted pumpkin salad before. This salad made us raise our eyebrows in amazement.

Mutton Keema and Pao (300Kcal): The multi-grain pao and keema combo was my favourite out of the dishes we ordered.  However, the amount of oil in it made wonder if it was a fit option. (Rs 240)

Blackened Fish Fillet: Not a dry crispy fillet as you’d probably expect, this is served with potato mash (I am guessing cooked with garlic) and bell peppers & onion. While Abhinav did not relish it much, I enjoyed the mix of different flavours it had.

Kadhai Chicken and Spinach Roti: No, do not think of the oily dish served at the North-Indian restaurants when you order kadhai chicken/paneer. South-Indian in its flavor, it had distinct flavours. Sadly, the roti had gone dry, so much so that we couldn’t have it. May be a better packaging is required than a simple foil wrap.

Overall, we enjoyed a delightful meal. There are options for juices and desserts as well but we decided to skip those. With 300 and 500-calorie meals from Indian as well as global cuisine, Eatonomist can be your go-to zone when you’re looking for guilt-free treats. They also have an option of customizing order if it’s for 5 or more people.

The restaurant currently delivers only in Gurgaon. 

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Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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