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Celebrate Spring with Macy’s Flower Show

Spring is in the air and all over the Macy’s stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco with Carnival, the annual flower show! Celebrating the beginning of the season, Macy’s Flower Show has been a treat for flower lovers for over 43 years. Each year, the stores are transformed into breath-taking floral scenes with fantasy flowers and lush plants from around the world.  

The floral extravaganza sprouts once again at three flagship locations including Herald Square in New York City, State Street in Chicago, and Union Square in San Francisco. This year’s exhibition theme, like always, will transport more than a million spectators into a world of imagination, filled with brilliantly-hued flora landscaped into beautiful gardens that bring the magic of a traveling roadshow to life.

Each year the show has a different theme. Last year’s theme was “America the Beautiful.” It was “Art in Bloom,” in 2015 and “The Secret Garden” in 2014.

Taking root in unexpected settings such as store countertops; windows; specially-designed architecture, Macy’s Flower Show is staged in a unique fashion. At the center of the spring celebration, colourful carousels, a wide variety of exotic flora, a kaleidoscope of colours, and classic fair favorites (roller coaster, bumper cars, Ferris wheel and games of whimsy, all recreated using more than 5,000 types of florals and plants), are all set to welcome guests into the funhouse atmosphere. Spectators will also have the opportunity to enjoy special in-store events, including food and fashion demonstrations, celebrity appearances, and more.

Some of the souvenirs to be put up at the show are Global Goods Partners felt Sunflower ($20); Macy’s Flower Show T-Shirt ($20); Macy’s Flower Show Mini Tote ($25) and many more. Don’t miss a chance to fetch these special items.

Lose yourself in the quirks of early 20th century fairs. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of candied foods. Fill yourself with orchestral music from Wurlitzer organs. Step right up and interact with the Flower Show in a whole new way.

About Macy’s


Macy’s, one of the largest retailers in the world, serves customers through more than 700 stores in every major geographical market in the United States and their website. A small, fancy dry-goods store that opened in New York City in 1858, surprisingly attained such a tremendous success.

When: From 26th March’17-9th April’17
Where: At Macy’s stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco

Timings: During regular store hours

Fee: Free to the public

If you are in the US during the above mentioned dates, make sure you include Macy’s Flower Show in your itinerary! 

Have you been to the show before? Do comment and tell us about your experience.    

Compiled by Sumedha Bhatia

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