Turkish Airlines toys review

Turkish Airlines Introduces Eco-Friendly Toys for its Youngest Travellers

 Travelling with a baby can be challenging especially on a long-haul flight. We are yet to take our first flight with our baby, but the thought of keeping her engaged already crosses our minds. So, when Turkish Airlines sent us some of its newly launched products, we were mighty happy!

Turkish Airlines toys review

New & Innovative Toys 

Turkish Airlines has revamped its selection of in-flight toys and introduced innovative, eco-friendly toys. The aviation-themed toys and figurines are sure to delight the kids. Even though the toys are intended for kids between 3 to 12-year-old kiddies, our little one (9 months old) finds them entertaining too! 

Turkish Airlines toys review

Environment Friendly 


The toys have been designed not just keeping in mind the entertainment quotient for children but also the environment. Recognizing the possible harmful effects of plastic on kids as well as the environment, the airlines has introduced toys made from all-natural materials. The airlines has joined hands with the World Wildlife Fund of Turkey to design these toys with an aim to make children appreciate the importance of animal protection and be aware about endangered species. 

According to the airline, the stuffed toys are created from cotton and the wooden parts are manufactured according to the sustainability rules set by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization that protects forests. 

Reasons why we loved the toys:

  • They are safe for our baby
  • Quite creative 
  • Fun to play with (especially the moving panda, although our naughty baby has managed to break it!)
  • They are good for the environment and we appreciate the thought with which the toys have been created

 Have you flown with Turkish Airlines recently? What are your thoughts about the initiative by the airlines?

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