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5 Things You Must Buy From Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is a diverse city. From the well-preserved, historic buildings of the Altstadt (especially the central Römerberg square) to the modern skyscrapers of the Innenstadt and famous financial centre, it has it all. 

But if you look beyond the stony facts of Germany’s highest skyline, a whole lot of German lifestyle and traditions is waiting for you to discover. The city’s cultural life is full of civic customs and traditions shaped through the influence of the Roman Empire and Goethe, one of the world’s most famous poets.

Frankfurt shopping is as varied as the city itself. With most fashion retailers opening their first branch in Frankfurt, nearly every brand you can guess is represented in the city. With a large bandwidth of modern brands, Frankfurt also offers a wide scope of traditional shopping opportunities in its historical city.

While strolling in the middle of Frankfurt you can have a look at an overwhelming variety of traditional German goods and specialties you couldn’t buy anywhere else. Here’s our recommendation of things to buy from Frankfurt…

  1. Bembel

Bembel shopping in Germany

A Bembel is a glazed stoneware jug in which the local drink Ebbelwoi (Apple wine/Cider) is served. Bembel have been around for more than 100 years and are traditionally light grey in base colour with blue hand-painted details and come in a variety of sizes. It’s available in any design you wish, from an apple to wedding wishes drawn on the face of the jug.

  1. Apple Wine

Things to buy from Frankfurt

There’s one thing that Frankfurt is really famous for: apple wine! Called Apfelwein (or Ebbelwoi) in German, the brewing of apple wine has been a source of pride for many Frankfurters. You can’t return home with an empty Bembel in your hands. There is no getting around bringing a bottle of Wagner’s apple wine, Frankfurt’s famous winery. Wagner is one of Frankfurt’s oldest apple wine manufacturers, located in Sachsenhausen, south of the river Main. It offers a cozy environment to drink and you must buy a bottle of apple wine with family and friends.

  1. Bethmännchen

Things to buy from frankfurt

Those delicious little pieces of pastry made out of marzipan and almonds were invented by the Bethmann family. The legend says each piece of Almond put on the side of the Bethmännchen stands for one of the inventor’s sons. Bethmännchen marzipan cookies can be found in every bakery and in many homes throughout Frankfurt during the Christmas season. A must buy while shopping in Frankfurt!

  1. Masskrug

german beer, shopping in FrankfurtLeaving the world’s most famous country for beer without one of the famous 1 liter jugs is a no-go! The large scope of different designs goes from glass to ceramics. In Frankfurt, you can get them traditionally painted with historic motives.

  1. Räuchermännchen

Shopping in FrankfurtThose little smokers are manufactured in Frankfurt since 1830. Traditionally, it’s a little forester or a miner with a pipe in his mouth. You can light an incense stick inside and the smoke will come out the pipe. It is perfect to bring some of Germany’s charm into your own living room.

For a comprehensive overview of the city’s retail spectrum, take a look at the “Frankfurt Shop-Finder” at

The article has been provided to Blue Sky Dreamers by Frankfurt Tourism Board. 

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