business class lounge dubai airport

Review: Business Class Lounge at Dubai Airport

Our followers are aware of our recent trip to Mauritius. For the trip, we had the pleasure of travelling with Emirates and were also given a special access to the business lounge in Dubai. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating.

Emirates is synonymous with luxury. From the impeccably dressed and well-mannered crew members to the extraordinary treatment given to the passengers, Emirates hit all the high notes in my book.

The Business Lounge, Dubai:

business class lounge dubai airport


Emirates absolutely understands its clients. No wonder it has been rated as the world’s best airline. Whether you are a family of four out on a vacation or a businessman travelling on an assignment, if you have access to the Business lounge, you are bound to end up with a smile on your face. As far as facilities go, Emirates business lounge offer an extremely functional and well equipped business centre which includes meeting rooms with projectors and individual touch screen work stations. The entire business lounge has high speed internet connectivity. The entire business lounge is managed by Emirates Airport Services staff members who work behind the scenes twenty four by seven just to make your stop-over feel special.

The Business Lounge also offers complimentary full bar service which includes premium wine, spirits and even champagne. So next time whether you want to celebrate an occasion or simply read a book in a quiet corner in the company of a glass of your favourite scotch, you know where you should be. The lounge also offers different dining areas with plenty of food options from various regions of the world. The food is delicious and flavourful. All dining areas have on-site chefs who are there to cater to your every need.

Design and Décor:

As soon as you enter the business lounge at the Dubai airport, you feel surrounded by an air of luxury, as if you have stepped into the lobby of a fabulous hotel. The lounge attendant welcomes you and guides you as to which restaurant will be the closest to you boarding gate hence the most convenient for you. All along the way to your restaurant you can see how no stone has been left unturned when it comes to adding an element of luxury to the lounge. Whether it’s the Gold-plated Rolex wall clocks imported from Geneva or the Italian marble floors or the best in class leather sofas imported from Italy, each element of the Business Lounge seems like a specimen out of a connoisseur’s palate. When it comes to design, the Business Lounge is a spell-binding mix of functionality, practicality and luxury.

The Facilities:

As far as facilities go, the Business Lounge is nothing less than a state of the art modern day office complex. With a seating capacity of 2552 in Concourse A, over 1400 in Concourse B and 596 in Concourse C, the Business Lounge can offer the best of facilities to all its patrons. The Lounge offers a Business Centre with state of the art touch screen workstations, conference rooms, printers, secure re-charging facility for laptops and mobile phones with complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity. If the work pressure is getting too much and you wish to use your stop-over time for sheer relaxation then feel free to relax in the spa, make use of the very refreshing shower areas, rejuvenate at the juice bars, enjoy delicious meals in the dining areas or simply unwind in the sleeping areas. If you are suffering from caffeine craving then there are several coffee machine kiosks all over the lounge. If you are travelling with your family then you can let the kids have a great time at the children’s play and entertainment area. The arcade quality games will leave them occupied for hours. The dedicated premium cigar lounge, smoke areas and shoe shine service will help you feel like a true blue gentleman right out of the classic Hollywood movies. Complete with TV areas, prayer rooms, skywards help desk and flight information display systems all over the lounge area, the Business Lounge offers a holistic and thoughtful approach for all its patrons.

Overall, this was a grand experience. There are a few areas the lounge could improve, like by adding more relaxation chairs. The sleeping area has limited chairs and some of them are showing signs of wear and tear. Apart from this, it is just what you need when you have long waiting hours. And yes, hogging and enjoying a glass of champagne at 5 am won’t be as much relaxing and fun anywhere else!


Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.

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