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This is so cool: A picnic by the pool!

We at Blue Sky Dreamers love picnics! We recently told you about top 10 cool picnic spots in Delhi. And while we were at it, Hyatt Regency Mumbai told us about their awesome picnic by the pool idea.

The hotel organized one recently and post its success, there are plans to host it again soon.

What’s on the menu?


Keeping in mind the outdoor setting, the hotel offers a picnic starter kit, which included assorted morning bakeries, sandwiches, salads, fruits, refreshing juices and thermos filled with coffee & tea.

The brunch menu consists of grills, wraps & rolls, burgers & hot-dogs, eggs made to order and desserts along with cocktails, chilled beers and sparkling wine.

For the kids, there’s a special buffet along with candyfloss, popcorn and homemade gola.

Games & activities

Relax sitting by the pool, read a book or splash around…the idea is to enjoy a relaxing Sunday with your family. Plus, there are several board games you can enjoy with your family like UNO, Jenga, Ludo and snakes & ladders, foosball & mini golf.

There’s also a dedicated kids play area along with an attendant to take care of your kid while you enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

For reservations & more information call: 022 66961624

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