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Bitten by Wanderlust: Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain’s work requires him to travel often. But that’s not the only reason he packs his bags frequently. It’s the wanderlust that leads him to take short and long trips as and when he can. Here’s Anubhav Jain, Director, Silverglades (real estate developers) sharing his travel stories in our series ‘For the Love of Travel‘…

What is your earliest travel memory?

My earliest memories are from the roadtrip to Mussoorie with my family. Winding roads, cool breeze and beautiful views of the mountains and the waterfall…

How frequently do you take a holiday? 

We try to plan a holiday atleast three times a year

Your favourite holiday destination and why…

Tough one – I love exploring Europe. There is so much to see and so many unique cultures, languages and sights. I want to venture into Eastern Europe next.

A travel experience that left a deep impact on you [memory of a journey or meeting a stranger etc…]

dal lake srinagar

I went to Srinagar and Pahalgam few years ago – I felt proud that we have such a beautiful country side and unspoilt natural beauty in a region that is so troubled with violence.

You recently took a trip to Greece. What was the best part of the trip?

The sights and the food in Greece is to die for. Santorini was absolutely stunning and the views of the water and the volcano is breathtaking: probably my favourite!

Best food memory while travelling?

Travelling through Italy – Rome had some of the finest food in the small lanes behind the Vatican. Summer time in Italy is splendid – sipping wine and having flavourful Italian food al fresco style.

travel lovers

Worst food memory…

…would be Hong Kong – since I am vegetarian it gets in the way of being able to enjoy a meal in far east.

What do you like buying/shopping for when travelling?

I like buying local products whether it would be clothing, accessories or mementos.

When and where is your next holiday?

I am planning to go to the states this summer – California & Texas.

You like travelling because…. It opens up your perspective, refreshes the mind and makes you appreciate the world we live in.

People should travel more because: “There is a world beyond what you have seen, if you don’t travel you will never know what you missed”


Quick 5: 

Best hotel you’ve stayed in: Atlantis – Paradise Island – Bahamas

Favourite restaurant in the world: Ayush – Lebanese (London)

Worst food/thing you have tasted: Never been that adventurous!

Favourite weekend getaway spot: Kasauli

Favourite Travel Song: Here comes the sun by Beatles

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