Winter Spa Therapy at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel

Review: Spa at Shangri-La’s Eros

If you’re a spa junkie, you’d agree that nothing can help combat winter blues better than a hot stone therapy. Taking the experience up a notch, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel makes it even better by offering Chi Bio Detox therapy — a winter spa therapy. Designed especially for the winter season, we’re told it improves symptoms of hypothermia and swelling. I, however, went here to review it as a relaxation therapy.

Shangri La Spa Review

The Therapy: It’s advisable to begin any treatment with a steam and sauna session. The main treatment begins with a body scrub made of seaweed mineral extracts and crystal sea salts. The process is said to boost metabolism. Sea salt is also effective in delaying the signs of ageing; it’s regular use helps replenish the dead skin cells and make your skin shine brightly. The next step in the treatment is my favourite: hot stone massage. The heat of the stones after the scrub feels extra soothing. The masseuse uses the stones to massage gently. It’s recommended that you define specific areas you want her to focus on. I told her to focus on shoulder and back as I felt my muscles tensed there. The treatment made a noticeable difference to the stress.

Ambience:  There are two wet rooms at the spa, which have steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and locker facilities. The five treatment rooms, however, are just opposite the gym. It won’t be a problem if the hotel forbids people to stand in the area in between and talk on the phone noisily! The interiors otherwise are soothing and the music is apt. [Bad music can truly ruin your experience. Source: personal experience!]

Verdict: Benefits of a hot stone massage are well established. The heat from the stone relaxes your muscles and also expands blood vessels thus promoting better blood flow. Pretty apt for winter indulgence!

Duration: 3 hours approximately

Price: The indulgence comes at a hefty price of Rs 10000 approximately. 

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