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6 Reasons Why Hostels Are Better Than Hotels


Hotel or Hostel? An avid traveller is bound to be torn between the choices before a trip. There’s comfort on one hand and promise of adventures on the other.

Now, if you think it’s an easy choice for you – because you do not like the idea of grimy, unhygienic rooms for a holiday – here’s something for you. The good news is that several travel companies like The Backpacker Co are creating experiences in what we’ve come to know as poshtels, boutique & design hostels. Your backpacking trip to Europe may not necessarily mean dingy hotels with average facilities. How’s that!

Here’s a quick look at why hostels might be better than 5-star hotels:


1. Budget Friendly

This one’s obvious: The biggest reason of all would be that hostels are easy on the pocket without compromising on comfort and other facilities like wifi, electronics, etc. It, in fact, proves to be more value for money.


Pic: Kristyswan.com
Pic: Kristyswan.com

2. Make friends with people all around the globe

Of course, in a hotel you may bump into someone interesting but it can get a little too formal.

On the other hand, the atmosphere in a hostel is more conducive to fun encounters! You get to meet flashpackers and backpackers from all over the map. Listen to their stories, maybe jam a little. It will almost feel like your college days.

friendship day
Happy New Friendships!

3. Feel the Vibe

Can’t sleep? You’re in your jammies headed to the pantry in your hostel downstairs and we promise, you will always find another restless soul burning the midnight oil. Watch a movie, eat something, maybe drink some beer or have an amazing conversation!

4. You are not on a time crunch

“Oh my! I have to get back to my hotel by 3 for lunch.” No more panicking because hostels treat you like adults and let you come back whenever you want! You don’t have to wait for lunch-time or hurry back so you don’t miss it. Just pop into a supermarket and buy a few things and whip something up for yourself.

hostel V/s hotel
No rush!

5. You find yourself

Being in an unknown city with a bunch of strangers can teach you a lot. It can also help you discover things about yourself you didn’t know. You also realize that it not only socially acceptable but appreciated if you take 5 minute showers.

6. Adult sleepover 24*7

Staying in a hostel is like having an adult sleepover all the time. Sleep late, drink a beer, have interesting conversations and lots of coffee of course. Living in a dorm with 5 other people apart from yourself can be extremely fun. Make a friend, tag along with them when they go sightseeing… Maybe go for a Pub Crawl and possibly take a few embarrassing selfies.


Like the sound of this? Want your next backpacking trip to be full of happy adventures, quirky hostels, local experiences and more? Visit one of India’s first backpacking centric travel companies: ‘The Backpacker Co.’

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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