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What Your Travel Wear Says About You

“Fashion psychology is about understanding why people wear what they wear, the effects their clothes have upon other people and how clothing exerts an influence on our emotional processes,” says Harsheen K Arora, a trained psychologist. What you wear during your holiday says something about you, she adds. In a guest post for Blue Sky Dreamers, she writes about travel fashion psychology.


Fashion Psychology is all about understanding what one wears and how it impacts them – their thoughts and emotions and how others perceive them. What we wear affects us psychologically and can profoundly alter our mood. It also influences how others respond to you. Here’s what your holiday wear says about you:


  • What one chooses to wear on the journey may reflect on their personal style, confidence, and comfort. For instance, many prefer to travel in comfort clothing like track pants. This may give the impression of the person being comfortable, however, the person might be perceived to have a low self-esteem.


  • People often consider travelling to be rejuvenating (especially when travelling for leisure). It is an experience where they want to be all that they can be. This makes most people experiment with their clothes as well. For example, when travelling to a destination like Goa some people tend have an entirely new wardrobe which is more carefree and lets them express their freedom.

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    Goa Wear!


  • Most often than not people adopt fashion trends of the place that they are travelling to as shopping is one of the main agendas on the list. However, the most important part to note is that one picks up trends that are harmonious with who they are.
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  • The most important aspect of travelling is the luggage bag. The choice of luggage sheds light on the personality of the individual. For example, a designer trunk gives the impression of being rich and stylish. A loud coloured matching travel set may point at someone seeking attention.
  • Travelling is about new experiences – meeting new people, trying new foods, seeing new places and so on. Similarly, fashion while travelling is another aspect which people tend to explore and experiment with. This hints at their openness and agreeableness.


(The views expressed by the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of Blue Sky Dreamers.)

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