what to order at TGI Fridays

What to order at TGI Fridays?


Brand TGI Fridays in India

When T.G.I Fridays (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) entered the Indian market back in 1996, the concept of casual dining did not exist. The brand saw a huge opportunity in the segment. It brought in a dining out space which was very unlike the existing restaurants in this market. It provided a fun ‘American’ atmosphere for young affluent consumers.

A lot has changed since then. From dining culture to people’s understanding of global cuisine, everything has evolved dramatically. While several American QSR (quick service restaurant) chains have become omnipresent, TGI Friday’s has had a strategy of its own. The brand has only 11 restaurants in the country. However, in with a limited number, TGI Fridays has loyalists and fans who relish American food and atmosphere at the restaurants.

what to order at TGI Fridays

5 Things to Order at TGI Fridays: 

Although I love going to All American Diners to satiate my craving for American food, I am a frequent customer at TGI Fridays too. Over time, I have my list of favourites here. I recently went to TGI Fridays, DLF Saket Mall and thought of sharing my recommendations of what to order at TGI Fridays.

  1. Loaded Potato Skins: It sounds ordinary but makes for a yummy snack especially for those who love cheese. “Fully loaded” with melted Cheddar cheese, it is served with sour cream and green onions. (Rs 625). Simple and delicious. The sour cream is divine!

    whats good at TGI Fridays
    Potato Skins loaded with cheese
  2. Jalapeno Roasted Vegetable Chimichanga: It is a meal in itself. Tortilla stuffed with veggies, cheese & jalapenos served with Spanish rice, salad and sauce. The taste of caramalised onions lends a wonderful flavour to the wrap but the magic is in the ranchero sauce. (Rs 325)

    whats good at TGI Fridays
    Chimichanga makes for a filling meal
  3. Fish Veracruz: I am a little snooty when it comes to liking fish. I, however, took an instant liking to Fish Veracruz, which just melts in your mouth. Simmered in white wine, this dish comes with herbed rice. Peppers, capers and olives add to the flavours while tomatoes make it a tad tangy. (Rs 569)

    TGI Fridays good food
    Tender, juicy, it just melts in your mouth
  4. Toasted French Onion Bites: Now, forget calories before digging into this one. It’s somewhat like an American version of Punjabi bread rolls! These are actually small, flour tortillas filled with American cheese, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos. Caramalized onions, mozzarella cheese and radish sauce make it mouth-watering. (Rs 275)
  5. Desserts: Love chocolate? Order Chocolate Malted Turtle or Chocolate Malt Cake. Do not like chocolate? Order one of those anyway! Okay, maybe I’m a biased chocolate lover. But these are absolutely, chocolaty and hence delicious. Other than that, I’d recommend Fridays Sundae – vanilla ice cream topped with walnuts, hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream. Divine.

I know TGI Fridays’ Chicken Wings are extremely popular but I am not a big fan so not recommending.

Ongoing Offer At TGI Fridays:

TGI Fridays is celebrating RIB Extravaganza till end of August 2015. There are four delectable varieties on offer: Bacon Crusted Ribs (pork back ribs glazed with tangy BBQ sauce and crusted with a heaping helping of crispy bacon), Mustard Herb Ribs (grilled pork ribs basted with a tangy mustard and rosemary herb BBQ sauce), Caribbean Rockin’ Reggae Ribs, and Championship BBQ Ribs.  Half rack starting at Rs 1340.

What are your favourite dishes at TGI Fridays? And which are your favourite American restaurants. We’d love to hear 🙂

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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