Park Plaza Noida Relaunches as Radisson Noida

Park Plaza in Noida Sector 55 is now Radisson Noida. Harshili Malhotra gets us the details of the newly launched hotel…

On a bright Saturday morning, when you wish to take a trip but don’t have the means to step out of the city, there is no dearth of options within the city. The concept of “staycation” is booming day by day, especially in the National Capital Region with so many business hotels budding in an era of leisure travellers. To succeed in this competitive space and meet new brand standards, Park Plaza in Sector 55 has been upgraded to Radisson Noida in order to offer a premium product to the market.

Nothing major has changed externally but the interiors have been revamped completely. The revitalized rooms are bright and modern, complemented with ultra modern art , loungers and new upholstered furnishings. They have introduced a new room category, Business Class that has been specifically introduced for corporate travellers who get to avail complimentary drinks in the lounge bar and more of such benefits. The room in itself is compact, but comes with a restroom that is adept with accessories, a shower room and a small bath tub.

Food & Drinks

But, the self-proclaimed USP of Radisson is ‘The Great Kebab Factory’ opening to the city on one side and the in house pool on the other. The restaurant is known for the plethora of kebabs that it gets to your plate across the country, but this particular outlet gets its signature – Subz Galouti – for all seven days of the week with every other kebab changing from time to time. The service remains aligned with the other outlets- from how the menu is shown to how the same plate is placed differently for a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian. How spice tolerance is checked after the second kebab and how breads are served to cleanse the palate. There’s an order that is followed right from the kitchen while preparing Dalchini Ananas or the Saffron coated Ulta Parantha to the service on the table.

Apart from the Great kebab Factory, the hotel houses two great dining places, the Creative Kitchen which is open all day and Ni Hao, an oriental restaurant, which is set to open soon. Then there is Ethyl, a bar and lounge which sees a melodious duet everyday by the band, Ablazeduo along with Cakewalk, the pastry shop that specialises in hazelnut chocolate cakes (made only on order).

For Weekend Stay

The prices of the beautiful property do come down on weekends, as an encouraging step by the management to promote staycations- to get domestic families planning to enjoy their weekends out of home. The overhauled hotel offers breakfast and unlimited WIFI for all days of stay, as an additional step towards satisfied hospitality. It’s a positive change for the hotel as it climbs the ladder within the group, and the management sees it as a bright opportunity to cater to both kinds of travellers with appropriate communication and effort.  

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