travel predictions 2016

Travel Horoscope 2016

Want to know travel predictions for 2016 according to your zodiac sign? We invited Tarot Card Reader Alka Mahajan to write an exclusive column for us revealing the horoscope for each sign.



2016 will see you in reflective modes when it comes to travel. There have been unaccountable hurdles in 2015 that you would like to run away from and head out for a big trip which you will surely do. The idea of experiencing something new in territories unexplored will excite you. Have fun exploring and letting go of the complexities of life.


The year 2016 will ensure that you go for a romantic trip with your loved one and you can expect a lot of air travel. Do not feel guilty, you had been denying yourself the pleasure of a foreign travel; it is an extremely fortunate time to do just that! An air sign would be a great travel mate.


Travel prediction for 2016 says that there are road trips planned out for you, Gemini folks! Bring out the knack-sack, fill it with some sporty clothes, road map and a couple of your favourite CDs and head for fun-filled and adventurous road trips throughout 2016. One tip: be organized.


The relationship sector is a little problematic this year so chances are that you would want to escape away from it all and seek solace in a peaceful, hilly area. Boat trips and ferry rides will be indulged in albeit reluctantly. Take along a Piscean companion!

travel predictions 2016


You are a curious traveller and this year you will get ample opportunities to discover new experiences and new cultures in order to satisfy your curiosity. There could be some minor accidents and troubles on the way but you will manage to wriggle out unscathed. Avoid travelling on Tuesday.


Travel for you would be to a foreign land for the purpose of pursuing an academic course. The duration may be short or long but you will have pleasurable experiences while travelling and studying. You might even be offered a lucrative job at your travel destination. This will give you an excellent mode to expand your cultural understanding.


Librans will have lots of travels for social causes, project surveys or even writing a book containing facts, figures and the history of some ancient structure in a warm country. So go ahead and flaunt your intellectual skills whilst travelling.


2016 will see you travelling for festive ceremonies, traditional marriages and family gatherings. Plans to travel to unknown destinations will come up several times but not materialize. Don’t worry, the short trips will keep you ecstatic.


2016 could be the most memorable year of your life in terms of travel. You will experience months of long holidays and the best part is no guilt pangs! Expect a round the world trip or major holiday especially to warm climes where the stoppage would be longer. Note of caution- avoid travel on a Sunday.


Your travel prediction for the year is that the focus would be to visit unseen places around you, in your town. Travel by foot, cycle, bike- take in the scenery and do not be bothered about what’s around the corner. Enjoy your amazing trip and picnics, visits to museums and places of tourist-interest and yes, the trip would be worthwhile with an Aquarian companion!


2016 is a year full of business and enterprise for you, Aquarians. You will travel to foreign shores to explore new business/entrepreneurial opportunities to expand your business network. The best part would be getting monetary benefits abundantly. Enjoy the travel and the money and remember not to travel on a Wednesday.


It is going to be a whirlwind travel year for you, Pisceans. Things will continually fall in place when you just think of a trip- your travels will be dreamy, exotic locales with loads of action. Just be careful not to miss out on the tiny details as there could be unforeseen delays to your travel plans that may be unsettling otherwise. The journey will have a touch of mysticism with a Sagittarian companion.


Alka Mahajan is a Tarot Card Reader and Psychotherapist. Get in touch with her,,



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