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7 Beauty Must-Haves in your Travel Kit

You don’t need your entire makeup kit to stay gorgeous on your holiday or business trip. In a guest post, Anupriya Jolly Chugh, co-founder, All About Women, lists 7 essential things you need in your beauty kit while travelling.

If you love travel and your beauty products equally, packing woes are inevitable. Packing them all is extra baggage while leaving them out hurts your beauty regime. As a product junkie, I have several anecdotes of packing in all the expensive creams and serums in glass bottles and then “crying over the spilt creams” (not literally of course!). More than that, my baby has changed my packing style completely. I now look for multipurpose products and often prefer natural ones over cosmetic products. The soap, shampoo combination is always present in hotels and the toothbrush, paste are often packed first. Here is a list of my favourite smart products every toiletry bag must have.

Coconut oil: The best and most underutilized product ever. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser, nappy rash cream, as an antiseptic, for rashes and sun burns, hair oil. Coconut oil does wonders and is the most safe, chemical free option.

Vaseline: This one can be used on skin as a heavy moisturiser, cuticle oil, on skin chaffing, as a lip balm, some fashionistas also use it as an eye shadow. Vaseline is great for immediate and intense moisturising.

Tip: Vaseline also works well on stuck zippers.

Baby scissors: I never used this wonder product before my son was born. It’s a small scissors with blunt ends but it’s great for cutting nails, stray threads, extra eyebrow hair. It works well as an emergency tool too.

Aloe Vera gel: It takes time to start liking and loving Aloe Vera but once converted there is no turning back. Aloe Vera gel is a multi-purpose product; it can be used as a hair gel, face mask, moisturiser, on sun burns, as a skin coolant.

Tip: Have been out all day and have redness? Apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel and massage it.

Calamine lotion: Beneficial as a moisturiser for oily skin, calamine is one of the best products available. To clear zits, apply a thick layer for 20 minutes works as a face pack. It can also be mixed with some foundation for light day makeup. For men, calamine works wonders in controlling sweat.

Antiperspirant roll on: When you are out for long, the deodorants and perfumes need to be reapplied often. An antiperspirant works well in masking sweat and lasts throughout the day. Plus, there are no breakage and spill chances.

Dry shampoo: Good hair makes me happy but on a holiday washing my hair every day seems impossible, especially if there are tours planned. A quick spritz and combing will return that happy healthy mane. I sneakily use this most winters too.

Tip: Bblunt does a great traveller size bottle too.

What are your favourite products you always pack while travelling?

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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