This Bar & Cafe Has the Perfect Recipe For a Cool Summer Evening!

By Harshili Malhotra

With soaring mercury levels, how does one plan a cool evening? It’s too hot to drink, you’d think. But folks at Nukkad Bar and Cafe have something to make you think otherwise.

To beat the heat, this cool cafe has introduced a Summer Cocktails Menu, offering some deliciously refreshing beverages.

The Nukkad family believes that the scotch enthusiasts enjoy their rocks more than any concoction, hence you would not find any whiskey based cocktail on the menu. But with their special signatures, you do not get a chance to complain. They hold the power to transfer you to your grandmother’s backyard with Roohafza Cosmo and get you right back to the Connaught lanes with the refreshing Jamuntini. If you’re a popsicle fanatic, Orange n Chilli Pop will delight you to your core. And if you just want to relax with something cool and refreshing, just grab the Watermelon Margarita or the authentic Khus n Gin Sharbat.

Like they say, there is something for everybody – you can be a beer lover, yet you get to indulge in the experience because Nukkad is one of the few places in the capital that provides you the opportunity to experience four beer-based cocktails, Corona Ghotala topping their individual charts. You won’t even be disappointed if you’re on the opposite end and prefer your red wine with chopped fruits, because there are five rich Sangrias, ranging from Strawberry Mango to Pomegranate Strawberry and Black Berries. If you prefer to have it strong,

If you prefer to have it strong, Bomb LIIT is a personal recommendation; a smooth blend of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec and red bull, it is the perfect solution to all your woes. While we’re at it, there are other LIITs that you can enjoy sipping, while chilling in the vicinity of a great musician, Mr. Ashutosh, who mesmerizes you with his voice (and mashups).

Not to miss, the Matka LIIT and the very fascinating Madira Banta. Talk about nostalgia and reminiscence, and the best way to reach your childhood is through these bottles infused with the right amount of flavor (and alcohol, if that’s where your interest lies)

Sometimes you visit a place for its people, sometimes you do it for its preparation; at Nukkad you get both. With an overwhelming civility, the team puts together a delightful experience for everyone stepping inside the beautiful parameter. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy alcohol as much as the rest, you have your own list of juices and mocktails to chose from, specially curated for this weather. It’s a wholesome package when it comes to the bar, complemented well enough by the sumptuous delicacies served from the food menu.

Grab your coconut/glass/banta/matka at Nukkad Café and Bar with an accomplice, and you would not regret the decision one bit.

Location: C 23-24, SDA Market, New Delhi

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