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The New Menu at CCD is Super!

There is a change brewing at Cafe Coffee Day outlets all over India. Blue Sky Dreamer, Purva Bhatia, decodes the new menu for you. 

My constant grievance with Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) has been non-availability of whatever I wish to eat while sipping coffee. “Sorry ma’am, that’s not available right now” has been a predictable reply while placing the order. Whatever was available wasn’t tempting enough. Yet I keep going back to it.

It’s perhaps because of the ambiance of ease that it offers. Plus, there are impressive outlets like the one opposite the Taj Palace Hotel (Sardar Patel Marg). An open-air CCD, it is one of my favourite hangout spots in Delhi.

I figure, I tuned my mind to perceive the brand as a coffee place only. Have meal at home or elsewhere and park myself at CCD to read a book or write one. Making peace with that, I keep going back to it. I have memories of comfortably sitting in one corner and writing the first biography I penned while sipping cups of coffee and munching on some cheese toasties.

Chances are that you’ve had similar complaints about the food at Cafe Coffee Day. Their customers have been saying a lot. The good news is that the brand has been listening. Based on the results of extensive consumer survey, the popular coffee brand has launched a “re-engineered menu” known as the SuperMenu.

cafe coffee day new menu

The change is already visible at the menus in the outlets all over India. So you now have appetizing sandwiches, crispy burgers, delicious soups, colourful cakes and cupcakes complementing your cup of coffee. At the press event some days ago, Sanjiv Mediratta, Group Advisor, F&B Solutions shared wonderful insights about how the new menu came about. Read the whys and hows of the SuperMenu now available at CCDs near you.

  1. Demand for Food: Though primarily a coffee joint, we saw people increasingly demanding something flavoursome to eat as well. We had purposely kept the food quotient low since we wanted to be seen as a coffee brand only [so the non-availability has been intentional]. However, we are changing our positioning now based on the demand.
  2. International trends that please my taste bud: With consumers CCD new menunow travelling far and wide, they do not necessarily want typical Indian snacks with coffee. However, they still enjoy local flavours. People do not like strong meat flavours, for instance. So we toned down the strong aromas and in our sandwiches. [The Chunky Chicken Roast Chicken, for instance. The herbed chicken has a subtle flavour and so do the white onion rings.]

3. Merge fashion with food: Fashionable food is in demand! By that we mean the stress is on presentation. Consumers in our survey told us they want “good-looking” food — that’s tempting food. So, we have redesigned the cakes in terms of colour and presentation. The sandwiches and burgers too look as appetizing as they actually are. [The cupcakes and carrot cake are truly delicious. Good indulgence]

CCD new menu4. Give Ketchup a Rest: We Indians are obsessed with ketchup and condiments. Be it a pizza or sandwich, we love to generously add sauce to it. Take my advice and try our new sandwiches and burgers without the ketchup. We have ensured that they are flavourful enough for you to not feel the need to add anything on it. [The burgers are indeed palatable. I tried the chicken burgers and relished its taste.]

5.Can I get something healthy?: Did you know that you can ask the waiter at CCD to give you a calorie count of the item you plan to order? The health quotient has been taken into account while devising the menu. The burger patty is not fried but grilled. The bread is healthier than the usual ones.CCD new menu6. Let’s meet over a cup of soup: [Okay, that does not sound great. But soup served in a coffee glass is quite cool.] Since we are a coffee company we have put dairy foam on it! It’s not your regular soup but a chunky one that is drinkable in a cup/glass. We are serving two variants: tomato and mushroom. These are fresh soups with no preservatives, served with garlic toasts. We see a lot of business guests meeting several people at our outlets. Meeting their demand for alternative for coffee, we have introduced soups.

I am happy that CCD has listened to our demands. Now, we hope the brand starts home delivery too! 

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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