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Teddy Boy, CP makes a cool statement

From apparel to art, music to food…one trend that dominates all is fusion. Ruling the food scene in particular, the word defines the culinary trends across the world. Executing the trend thoughtfully is Teddy Boy, a British cafe located in the heart of Delhi, in Connaught Place.
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To execute this fusion, Teddy Boy has two brilliant chefs. Chef Doyel Sarangi from Kolkata, is admired by an informed lot for her efficiency at Masterchef India. She has given complete expression to her passion by first going against all odds and taking it up as a profession despite coming from a family of doctors and engineers. And second, by becoming a part of the very small group of lady head chefs in a city with competitive vigour all around. She looks after a team of around 40 people at Teddy Boy along with Chef Dinesh from Mumbai.

Did You Know?


The term ‘Teddy Boy’ refers to a 1950s rebel youth subculture in Britain characterized by an unlikely style of dress inspired by Edwardian dandies fused with American rock’n roll. They formed gangs from East London to North Kensington and became high-profile rebels in the media. (Source: MessyNessyChic)

Inspired by the British subculture, the name is justified by the ambience and uniform that the staff adorns along with some patent dishes from Britain. But what makes it unique is the menu. Both the design and the items enlisted on it. Catching up with an ever evolving concept of change, Teddy Boy has developed its menu like a magazine. It’s not only designed like one but also gets its editions and changes from time to time. [The next change with an addition of fusion pastas comes out in September.]

quirky cool menu at restaurants


And the menu has a separate section for the chefs’ favourites as well as some from the proprietor (Priyank Sujhija)’s list. There are few things that can amuse you and your palate in no time: Like the Prawn Jhalmuri straight from the streets of Kolkata; it soothes the palate in its own way, primarily because of the strong flavour of mustard that is very different for a person used to the north Indian chaat. And the Chinese Bhel that comes from Mumbai.

Kakori Kebab  is just the way it’s supposed to be and Vegetable Dimsum can easily please a non vegetarian who’s not rooting for chicken. Coming to my two personal favourites; Kulcha Tacos and Poppy Aranchini with Tomato Chutney. The former is served in a colourful tiny rickshaw, hence owing its win to the presentation; whereas the latter completely owes its allegiance to the brilliant Italian-Bengali fusion of risotto balls with a poppy flavour. Carrying along the theme of Bengali fusion food, there is also BBC Malai Curry that is again Chef Doyel’s version of broccoli, baby corn and cottage cheese, straight from Kolkata. So is the strawberry sauce (that the chef likes to prepare completely by herself) that keeps you curious till you touch the end of the bowl. It does have a secret ingredient that makes it distinct!


Along with great food, you get variants of drinks, from banta bar to theli mocktails. Collision Martini could be a great refuge from the pricking Delhi heat. It’s a vodka based drink consisting of blueberry and cucumber. Then there is Sunset that’s a unique combination of chocolate, orange and vanilla. For people who adore gin, there is Sorcerer’s Martini made of beetroot, strawberry and basil. And for people who’re ready to give it all, there is Prom Night LIIT.

Sweet ending: We found a delighting end to our especial meal with the Ferrero Rocher Golgappa: Golguppa stuffed with Chocolate boondi served with white chocolate sauce. It’s very unique, very fascinating and very very smooth.

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Connaught place, you ought to stop by to grab the dessert, if nothing else!

[Reviewed by Harishili Malhotra]

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