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If You Love Experimenting with Tea, Here’s a Treasure for you!

Tea Treasure is a brand trying to bring healthy tea flavours into the daily routine of those who love to experiment with taste. 

The world is changing at a fast pace. Our food habits have developed with time but certain staples have still managed to remain close to our hearts. Even the richest community can’t have anything better than real butter and a hot cup of tea for their breakfast rituals. I have always thought that I have an advanced taste palette but when we talk about “tea”, I am not an exception but merely a rule.

Very recently, I stumbled upon this new brand dealing in a variety of tea leaves motivated to change the Indian landscape of “chai” drinkers. Tea Treasure is a brand from a team of tea connoisseurs, who have set up the brand with an aim to bring healthy teas into daily routines of people who like to experiment with taste.

They want Tea Treasure to be associated with good times, relaxing, and overall well-being because these are the base attributes of our products and we bring these to our consumers by virtue of supplying high-quality tea. The brand focuses on changing the perception and the supply chain of the premium quality tea in India while increasing the savouring experience of the chai drinkers.

I found this brand on Amazon and hastily hoarded a lot of their teas.

Rooibos Temptation Whole Leaf Red Tea

This is a Chocolaty nutty tea! Rooibos tea is a part of Fabaceae family of plants growing in South Africa’s fynbos. This tea is absolutely free from caffeine content and is also low in tannins. The taste of the tea is fruity, sweet, rounded, mild and smooth with a refreshingly herbal texture. This red tea is also known for reducing weight. The flavour of cocoa nibs goes extremely well with the natural nutty flavour of the tea.

Pure Rooibos Whole Leaf Red Tea

Not a true tea per se but a South African herb, it is a fermented tea with a wide range of health benefits. It improves metabolism and reduce blood pressure levels. The taste is a little quirky and gives a kick to the taste buds. It can be prepared just instantly and imparts a beautiful oxidised colour. I have one cup of Tea Treasure’s Rooibos tea on empty stomach each morning. The concoction has never disappointed me and blesses me with a surge of energy.

Japanese Sencha

Japan ki chai or you might call it “Japanese Sencha”. In Japanese language, Sencha literally translate as a decocted tea. It is widely drunk in whole of Japan because of the long list of health benefits of the Sencha tea. When you brew the tea leaves, this tea has a light greenish and golden hue, a pleasant aroma and a good balance between astringent and sweet notes. A fine variety from Tea Treasure!

Coconut Sencha

A well kept secret of Japan. It is a classic Sencha green tea infused with the goodness of coconut. A tropical caress to the soul by Tea Treasure.  You can brew the cup just by adding warn water for two minutes. You can also add condiments like lemon or honey to increase the taste. I have never felt the need for adding any extra flavour because the coconut shavings add a distinct flavour to the tea.

Oolong Darjeeling

This product comes in a premium glass bottle. The handcrafted tea bags can be used 2-3 times since the leaves are of good quality. There are 10 high quality tea bags in a bottle. The taste of the oolong tea is sweet and mellow. It ranks better than any other black tea I have had in a while.

Lemon Tulsi Whole Leaf Green Loose Leaf

Tulsi lemon tea for the days when you need a quick pick me up. Tulsi leaves green tea can cure stress and help you lose weight with regular usage. In our scriptures the holy basil plant has been described as a divine ingredient. This tea has a distinct flavour of tulsi and aroma simply teleports you. It is a good way to calm yourself and start the day with a tangy punch.
Tea Treasure

Jasmine Green tea

I always like an overdose of great aroma in my food or drinks. This is a perfect tea for the same. The refreshing Jasmine calms my senses and I feel fresh after drinking it. The taste of the tea is usually much mellower, with a smooth Jasmine flavour that I always combine with a slight honey glaze. The honey sticks of Tea treasure are fuss free to use with. It also works wonder when I have a bulging headache.

Tea Treasure

Darjeeling Second Flush Whole Leaf Tea

My parents think this is the best buy from the lot for them and often call it as their “kadak cutting”. It is a regular tea that they can drink but of much superior quality. The tea has a very strong flavour. They certainly seem to enjoy this. Overall, the tea has a refreshing taste that is a must to try after a long hectic day. This can be a wonderful option for gifting for those who don’t want to experiment much with their palette.

Pure Chamomile Whole Leaf Tea

The Chamomile tea is one of the popular varieties of tea in the market and it has many health benefits and uses. These include its ability to protect the skin, lower stress levels, regulate sleep, and soothe menstrual symptoms. What’s more, it also boosts the immunity system, treats gastrointestinal issues, and manages diabetes, among others. Tea Treasure packs its sample products in brown paper bags. The quality of the tea leaves is high which translates into a beautiful after-taste of the tea.

Tea Treasure has made my world easier by introducing their premium quality products. I barely have to work to get that perfect cup tea. Their honey glaze sticks often become my go-to snacks! Try them out and do let us know about your review of Tea Treasure.

Reviewed by Purva G Mittal 

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