Review: Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

Fujifilm camera review

Long before digital cameras and Instagram began ruling the universe of photography, life was different. An expensive hobby, it required precision and tremendous patience. Things weren’t as easy and inexpensive as clicking and deleting the not-good pictures. The film roll was costly so one had to be sure of the right fame and lighting. Then one had to wait to finish the entire […]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Taiwan

Things to do in Taiwan

I confess I haven’t been much curious about Taiwan. My camera was born there, says the “Made in Taiwan” label on it. Apart from that my knowledge and interest about the leaf-shaped island has been limited. So, the experiences I had during my seven-day trip there were completely new to even my imagination. There are no never-seen-before-beautiful sights as such, […]

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“My Choice” gone wrong

battle, sexes, deepika

So they are excitedly readying their bags for the weekend trip of their choice when they see this “My Choice” video travelling all over the Internet. Interesting, they say and get back to packing. She notices his growing belly and shrinking clothes and taunts him yet again when he turns around and says, “My belly is the ever expanding universe. To […]

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Mind Your Manners, travellers!

  I was of the view that Punjabis are perhaps the noisiest travellers until I encountered a big group of Chinese tourists during my vacation in the Maldives. Such is the reputation of Chinese tourists all over the world, that China had to tell its tourists to mind their manners! I know it is unfair to stereotype when one encounters ill-mannered […]

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