5 Things You Must Buy From Frankfurt, Germany

Shopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a diverse city. From the well-preserved, historic buildings of the Altstadt (especially the central Römerberg square) to the modern skyscrapers of the Innenstadt and famous financial centre, it has it all.  But if you look beyond the stony facts of Germany’s highest skyline, a whole lot of German lifestyle and traditions is waiting for you to discover. The […]

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Best Travel Shoes For Men: Stylish & Comfortable Shoes for Travelling

Best travel shoes for men india

Do you usually have to crop your vacation photos from ankles up to hide your shoes that are comfortable but not stylish enough? For your next vacation, take a look at this range of footwear that’s fashionable yet comfortable.   1. Alberto Torresi Men’s Leather Sandals and Floaters These are perfect to carry off a casual look while making a […]

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6 Hot Spots to Go Shopping in Chennai

Shopping in chennai

Wonder what to buy from Chennai? Nikita Chawla brings to you Chennai’s finest shopping scenes (in no particular order). Shop as the locals do! Set in the picturesque panorama of the Coromandel Coast, Chennai has broken stereotypes and transformed into a cosmopolitan city comprising infectiously passionate people, luxury hotels, contemporary restaurants, pubs and clubs and mix of modern retail shopping […]

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What to buy from Taiwan?

    Haggling for a souvenir in the middle of the night is interesting. Shopping in Taiwan can be a fun experience even if you do not purchase anything. But with so many things to buy from Taiwan, you are unlikely to return empty handed. Here’s my list of things you should buy from Taiwan:  1. Camera: Check your DSLR camera. It […]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Taiwan

Things to do in Taiwan

I confess I haven’t been much curious about Taiwan. My camera was born there, says the “Made in Taiwan” label on it. Apart from that my knowledge and interest about the leaf-shaped island has been limited. So, the experiences I had during my seven-day trip there were completely new to even my imagination. There are no never-seen-before-beautiful sights as such, […]

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Craft Bazaar

If crafts and cultures of different countries interests you, spend a day at Dastkar South Asian Bazaar. I had a great time here last year splurging on clothes and crafts from different parts of the country. The fair gets bigger and better this time with craftsmen coming in from neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan. So you […]

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