A Trip of a Lifetime: Honeymoon with Friends!

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Parinita Samanta and Aakash Choithani tied the knot and jetted off to Europe for their honeymoon soon after. There’s nothing unusual about it except that there was another couple accompanying them for the honeymoon. If that sounds odd to you, read on to find out why ‘buddymoon’ may actually be a cool idea! We spoke to Parinita (PR Manager at Hyatt […]

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Honeymoon Diaries: 10 Days in Beautiful Bali!

One destination that seems to be getting more and more love from honeymooners from India is Bali. We’ve had two lovely couples sharing their wonderful experiences in Bali. Now, we have this lovely newly wed couple Varun Sharma and Sakshi Batra giving us a detailed itinerary and some useful tips for couples planning their honeymoon in Bali.   Why Bali: […]

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