15 Delicious Sindhi Delicacies You Should Try At least Once!

must have sindhi food

Sindhi cuisine is great in taste, rich in flavour and is infused with choicest aromatic spices. The food is wholesome, pleasure to the taste buds, good on health and is scrumptiously heavenly. Sindhi cuisine is similar to Punjabi cuisine, therefore having zesty ingredients, rich vibrant texture and aces the flavour test. Sindhi food has variety delicacies and its elaborate spread […]

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Dine under the stars at Curry Town!

North Indian food Chennai

Reviewed by Nikita Chawla Imagine dining under the stars and the moon. Imagine a romantic candle lit rooftop dinner with your special someone. Curry Town, set in plush The Savera Hotel at R.K. Salai offers an idyllic setting and is a real treat for North Indian cuisine lovers. The Décor: The restaurant has a set theme in coral orange. The ambience gives […]

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