Sizzler Festival: Have a Sizzling Evening at Kinbuck2

There’s a Sizzler Festival going on at Kinbuck2 till 15th August. To miss this one would be a sin, says Purva G. Mittal!

Kinbuck2 is a bistro divided on two floors. The décor is subtle but impressive with high arches made up of red bricks and amicable lighting with soft music playing in the background.

We were graciously welcomed by the staff, who stood be us till our departure. A huge shout out to our Mr. Ravi, he was more concerned about my food than my mom ever is!

Sizzler Fest

Sizzlers menu

Soon, we were presented with the sizzling sizzler’s menu. Boy! We were already bowled. They have plethora of options to confuse you and it is tough to settle on one. Why would you need the second food menu after this? We ordered a Chowpati Sizzler and Tawa on your table. An ingenious take on “Chowpati ki mashoor pav bhaji, the sizzling plate was smeared with bhaji, potatoes and cottage cheese. It comprises of Dahi kebabs, hara bhara kebabs, paneer tikka, mushroom tikka, tandoori aloo with dal makhni and laccha parantha. (Writing this article is becoming torturous now. :/)

Sizzler festival

The quantity is overwhelming and therefore Joey’s food pants are advised. The chef has done a brilliant work with the conceptualisation of these sizzlers. There is nothing ordinary about them.

Not Just Sizzlers

Just to satiate the foodie inside, we hopped on to the regular food menu and ordered the staple food. The cream of broccoli, spaghetti bolognaise, dahi ke sholey and biryani were next on the list. Whenever I am in need of tricking my waistline, I devour some cream soup and put a handful of broccoli in it to hike the nutrition quotient. The soup was creamy and the flavour of broccoli lingered for a while. Spaghetti bolognaise is a pasta dish consisting of spaghetti served with a sauce made from tomatoes, minced beef garlic wine and herbs. The beef can be replaced with mutton.


Kinbuck2, has largely been applauded in their reviews for their Indian menu. We weren’t disappointed too. The roasted cashews in dahi ke sholey and the selective herbs in biryani screamed innovation and authentic Indian taste.

Kinbuck2 doesn’t have an expansive menu otherwise. They play their game on selective dishes but they do it well. I wasn’t satisfied looking only 4 items listed in dessert menu, all four of them being pretty mundane. We ordered a classic banoffee pie and brownie to wash our palate with few more calories. Like I said, they know how to play their game well; both the dishes fared above average marks.

The banoffee pie had a strong caramel flavour with chunks of bananas. Brownie is served with chocolate sauce, walnut kernels and ice-cream on a sizzling plate. Ah! Thank goodness, I will be walking out wobbly drenched with calorific happiness, I told myself.

Location: P-10/90, 1st & 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 2000 for two

The sizzling festival is on till 15th August.


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