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15 Delicious Sindhi Delicacies You Should Try At least Once!

Sindhi cuisine is great in taste, rich in flavour and is infused with choicest aromatic spices. The food is wholesome, pleasure to the taste buds, good on health and is scrumptiously heavenly. Sindhi cuisine is similar to Punjabi cuisine, therefore having zesty ingredients, rich vibrant texture and aces the flavour test. Sindhi food has variety delicacies and its elaborate spread is a great culinary experience!

A must try at least once in your lifetime, foodies will heart-it for sure, Nikita Chawla brings to you 25 deliciously blissful Sindhi delicacies:

  1. Koki

A popular Sindhi breakfast, Koki is a flatbread made up of wheat flour, finely chopped onions, green chillies and coriander leaves. Koki is served with curds and papad. Alternatively, koki is also relished with garam chai or pickles. Chances are more that you’d have tried them already in case you had a Sindhi friend at school or a colleague at your workplace.*Can I have a papad already?*

Sindhi Cuisine specialties
Sindhi Koki

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  1. Dal Pakwan

Considered Sunday special, Dal Pakwan is an opulent breakfast in many Sindhi households. The Dal is a simple preparation of chana dal infused with spices garnished with coriander leaves and onions while the Pakwan is a deep fried flat maida puri wherein the dough is kneaded with jeera. The dal tastes even better when you sprinkle some tamarind chutney over it. *swoon!*

sindhi food must have
Dal Pakwan

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  1. Dodoh

High on nutrition and taste, Dodoh is a favourite breakfast during winters. Dodoh is a thick paratha which is not rolled but made with hands as the dough is semi-wet. The dough is a mixture of jowar, finely chopped onions, green chillies and coriander leaves. It tastes best when served piping hot along with curd. It could also be had along with mint green chutney and onions.

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  1. Juar jo Bathu

In many Sindhi households, chilly winter mornings start with Juar jo Bathu as their breakfast. Bathu is a porridge made up of grounded millets seasoned with cardamom powder. The porridge could be served sweet or otherwise. It is seasoned with spluttered mustard seeds in ghee or oil and served piping hot. For fitness conscious, this is a must try option!

sindhi food

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  1. Dal Paatho Phulko
    A popular Sindhi paratha,stuffed withboiled yellow moong dal cooked with spices, Dal PaathoPhulko is a treat to taste buds. These flatbreads are tossed with desi ghee and served with boondidahi (matho/boondiraitha/curds) garnished with sev. The phulko also tastes good with pickles.

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  1. Seyun Patata
    Rich and delightful this sweet and savoury breakfast combination, SeyunPatata is simply but sweet vermicelli served with fried potato. The fried potato (patata) is infused with spices such as red chilli powder, turmeric, amchoor powder and coriander powder.

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  1. Sathpura Phulko
    This Sindhi paratha is made by rolling the dough into a roti (Phulko), rubbed with drops of oil seasoned with red chilli powder which is further cut into 7 layers (Sathpura) and re-rolled into a roti. The Sathpura is served crispy yet soft with curds, dal or subzi along with papad.*Flavoursome*

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  1. Bori Kutti
    If you’re someone you has breakfast on the go, this one’s for you! Gets your taste buds wanting more, Bori is a delightful Sindhi breakfast that’s a great mood maker to kick start your day. Wheat flour rotis are cooked, crushed and sautéed with sugar, ghee and cardamom powder. It’s usually accompanied with our signature Sindhi papad or pickles. Whether served hot or cold, the dish is an appetizing genius!

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  1. Kadhi Chawal
    Our signature dish, Kadhi Chawal is a delicious yet wholesome. This tangy brown coloured curry is a delightful mixture of besan, tomatoes, lady’s finger, cluster beans, drumsticks and tamarind pulp. Kadhichawal is usually served with steamed rice and Vaangan Bataloon (potato-brinjalsubji) or AaluTukku (crisp double fried potatoes seasoned with masalas) along with sweet boondi.
    Pstt: As a part of Sindhi pre-wedding ceremonies, the Ganesh Sthapna (Pooja) is followed by a lavish lunch called KadhiChawal wherein among the various spread of food served,kadhichawal is the main dish. This dish is considered auspicious and is definitely served once during the ceremonies. *Deliciously Divine* 

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  1. Bhuga Chawal
    A special Sindhi rice delicacy, Bhuga Chawal usually had for lunch, is prepared by making a mixture of deep-fried onions and shredded tomatoes infused with spices. The rice is then cooked in this mixture. The aroma and taste of the rice is amazingly delicious. Bhuga Chawal tastes well when had with combinations of dals or subzi’s. Try BhugaChawal with Makhni Dal, Sai Bhaji or Paneer Butter Masala. *Ultimate!*

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  1. Sai Bhaji

Do you dread having greens? Can greens be made tasty? Well, have you tried Sindhi Sai Bhaji yet? A potpourri of spinach, dals, veggies and spices, Sai Bhaji is wholesome and nutritious. Saj Bhaji is usually had along with BhugaChawal accompanied with steamed bhindi (lady’s finger) and malpura (malpua). You could even have Koki along with Sai Bhaji and boondi raita which tastes spellbinding!*Taste bhi Strength bhi!*

  1. Tahiri with Bhee Aloo

A traditional Sindhi sweet rice, Tahiri is an aromatic preparation of rice cooked with sugar, ghee, saffron, cardamom, jeera and lots of dry fruits including almonds, pistachios, cashews and raisins. Tahiri is usually prepared during weddings and festivals. It tastes divine when had with bhee aloo (lotus stem and potato) curry.

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  1. Tridali Dal Vangan

A potpourri of assorted dals – split Bengal gram, split green gram and toor dal with veggies and spices make the aromatic and nutritious Tridali Dal. This dal goes best withroti and fried Vangan (brinjal) which is infused with choicestspices.



  1. Macroni Varyun Phoolpatasha

Tastes absolutely delightful, Macroni Varyun Phoolpatasha is macaroni fused with tomato puree, spices, potatoes, varyun and phoolpatasha (puffed lotus seeds). This curry goes well with BhugaChawal and rotis. *Our version of healthy Pasta*



  1. Turi Bhaji

Spicy, tangy and nutritious Sindhi afternoon meal, TuriBhaji is yet another delicacy to try out. When turi meets Sindhi spices and veggies, it’s definite that it would be awesome. We make ridged gourd (turi) tastier!

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Have you tried any of these dishes yet? What’s your favourite Sindhi dish? Let us know in the comments below!

PS: We’ll bring more dishes in Part 2 of the series


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