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Samode Palace: A Royal Wedding Venue

wedding venue in Jaipur
The magnificent Royal Darbar, Samode Palace, Jaipur.

Do you remember the first wedding that you ever attended? I have a vivid memory of the wedding I attended. I remember how excited I was to attend the function. And I had my mother to thank for the excitement. She told me that we were going to see a prince and a princess, just like in the fairy tales. And boy was she right! As the groom rode in on his chariot and the bride made a grand entrance in her doli, the bride and groom looked nothing less than royalty. That is where the idea of weddings being our window to living the royal way stuck in my mind.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if for once we got to live like the Maharajas. What if your wedding could take place with an elephant procession, beautifully curated lawns, magical fireworks, royal customs and all in the backdrop of a palace? Well, you could get all this and more at The Samode Palace and Samode Bagh, Rajasthan (two separate properties).

wedding venue in jaipur
Samode Palace, Jaipur is an ideal wedding venue.

Initially, Samode Palace was little more than a fortified stronghold for the Rajputs to manage their kingdom. It was only in the early 19th century when under the supervision of Rawal Berisal did the palace begin to take its grand transformation.

The palace has a blend of history and modern amenities in the perfect proportion. Not once will you feel one overpowering the other. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable beyond imagination. I mean where else will you find a Jacuzzi in the living room. No problems missing your stock updates while relaxing in the bath. The Palace offers four royal suites, 20 luxury suites and 19 spaciously comfortable rooms.

Now one might say that the bells and whistles are all in place but what about the most essential factor of a wedding arrangement — the food. Well, no sweat, the food at Samode is delicious. The kitchen is efficient and accommodating. The food is a mix of authentic Rajsathani cuisine and international flavor, keeping the foreign clientele in mind.

royal food jaipur
Dining Room, Samode Palace, Jaipur.

What I loved most about the Samode Palace was the architecture. The lobby area with the outside seating may look like a street side cafe line straight out of Paris but enter the Darbar Hall and majestic hall of mirrors and you’re transported into an era of grandeur and richness that our country was once know for. The credit for these spectacles of course goes to Rawal Sheo Singh.

The Palace and Bagh together offer an exciting wedding arrange where one party can acquire either and enjoy the excitement of the baraat and festivities. And above all, Samode offers the promise of fulfilling our childhood dream of living like the Maharajas for a day!

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The Samode Bagh, Jaipur.

Distance from Delhi: 238 Kms

Time taken by road: 4 hours 30 mins

Must try: Raan-e-Samode

Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.

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