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Don’t Judge This Restaurant by its Name

I have been accused of being judgmental on several occasions. Mostly while not picking up a book to read because of its cover or title. If the name doesn’t appeal me, the book will most certainly disappoint me.

Abhinav has different take on things. He has an inexplicable power to see beyond titles and labels. So when he convinced all of us to go to Road Romeo for family dinner, I trusted him. (Of course, in this case his power came from a popular restaurant recommendation app!)

Road Romeo. Doesn’t sound like a place one would pick to celebrate an occasion with family. It certainly doesn’t sound like a place that serves delectable Rista and Biryani.

Trusting the app and Abhinav’s judgment were the only reasons we ended up choosing Road Romeo in Defence Colony that evening. There was no way we could have picked it by looking for new, promising restaurants in the market. Hidden away at first floor above Subway, Road Romeo must have reasons to veil its talents. If the owners/management are reading this, I am very curious to know why this restaurant with a-nice-cafe-like-blue-interiors is called Road Romeo?

road romeo restuarnat interiors

I love the corner by the window where six of us sat. Nostalgic about Mcleodganj’s cool cafes, seeing the blue walls, we were honestly confused as to what to expect from Road Romeo. Perhaps, that’s the reason only two of us went ahead with the waiter’s recommendation of ordering Romeo Special mocktails. Take our suggestion and trust the waiter! The mocktail is a refreshing orange based beverage that goes perfectly with the spicy Kashmiri and Hyderabadi dishes.

Here’s what we ordered and liked:

Paneer Charminar: Basically, paneer tikka minus the orange coating and spices. We lved its mild flavour which was also apt for my 2-year-old niece.

Kashmiri Seekh Kebab: Spicy and flavorsome. Distinctly different from Lucknowi kebabs, these are not too juicy but delicious nevertheless. Reminded us of the food we had in Kashmir.

hyderabadi biryani in delhi

Murg Tikka: We loved the dips accompanying it. Tender chicken pieces perfect to go along with a good cocktail/mocktail.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani: I had given up the hope of finding “taste-to-remember” kind of biryani in Delhi. And then this came as a surprise. Now, authentic Hyderabadi biryani is said to be made with uncooked, marinated lamb or beef. I am not qualified enough to say whether this is authentic or not but it is quite flavoursome. I loved the blend of spicy notes with sugary caramalised onions. Delicious. Very delicious!

Veg Biryani: Distinct flavours coming from various veggies, the crunchiness of corns and onions…a delectable concoction!

Kashmiri Dum Aloo: The dish is a proof that you do not need onions and garlic to make it flavourful. Dum Aloo here took us back to the small restaurant in Kashmir where we relished this Kashmiri dish.

Rista: Rista is a popular Kashmiri dish that requires a lot of effort to prepare. Rich and heavy on palate, it goes well with chapatti or rice. We ordered chicken rista but felt that mutton rista would have more flavour.

Desserts: None. No place for desserts after the sumptuous dinner!

Total bill: Rs 4500 approx (for 6 people)

Zomato Rating:

RoadRomeo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We love the places/restaurants that surprise us like this. Have you visited a restaurant instinctively and found it impressive? 

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.


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