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Try This Therapy for Complete Relaxation at Jiva Spa, Vivanta by Taj Dwarka

Jiva Spa in Dwarka (at Vivanta by Taj) hosted us for a relaxing spa therapy. Here’s why we loved it.

spa in dwarka

Vishram is a Hindi word which means relaxation or rest. That’s something your body craves for after a long flight, a tiresome work schedule, stressful routine, or after 4 months of delivering a baby!

Exhausted physically and mentally after going through the miracle of giving birth, every cell of your body years to be in that blissful state of vishram. And that’s the therapy I went for at Jiva Spa as recommended by the spa manager, Rubu Runku.

The Spa 

This wasn’t my first visit to the hotel. We were invited for a hotel review during the launch event. We were in complete awe of the design elements in the entire hotel including at the Jiva Spa. The interiors are warm and cozy with earthy shades dominating the space. Add to it, the warm smiles of the convivial staff and you feel relaxed already.

There are five treatment rooms named after the five elements: Sangam, Akash, Prithvi. Agni, Aakash. Each room’s colour is defined by its name. For instance, my treatment room was Prithvi with green coloured walls representing earth.

Massage Experience 

Rubu recommended steam and sauna for 15-20 minutes before beginning the therapy. “It is always advisable to go for steam before the therapy than afterwards. This helps in opening up the pores of your body so that the oils can penetrate better,” explained the spa manager, when I asked her about the benefits of steam & sauna before a massage.

Vishram therapy works on tired muscles to aid a sense of complete relaxation. The masseuse uses palm and thumb strokes to ease tensed up muscles while the special oils used for this therapy further ease the system.

Ayemi, my masseuse, did an extremely fine job of putting my tired system at rest. She began the treatment by first folding her hands and greeting me. After cleaning my feet with warm water, which is the preliminary step at every spa, she informed me about the signature oil blends which were to be used for the therapy. Kewda (fragrant screw pine), Frankincense (aromatic resin) and Brahmi (a well-known Ayurvedic herb), infused in Sandalwood and Sesame are used for this massage to release tension. The oils are blended in Australia exclusively for Jiva Spas, I am told.

The 60-minute massage seemed to have melted away months of stress from my body. The masseuse was vigilant enough to not massage my tummy and lower back area much since I had a cesarean four months ago. Instead she focused more on neck and upper back.

Tip: Always inform your masseur/masseuse the areas that need attention. Also, do not shy away in letting them know if the pressure doesn’t feel fine.

A warm water shower is usually better after a massage but Ayemi advised against it since it’s better to leave oils on the body for sometime after this massage. That was some good advice especially because the oils used were light, non-greasy, and aromatic.

She then gave me a garland of white flowers and joined her hands “to thank the divinity in me.” Atithi Devo Bhava (The guest is god).

Relaxation After Massage

After the therapy, enjoy some moments of more vishram at the relaxation room. Relish some cut fruits and a herbal tea with a taste you’ve never had before! Vishuddhi herbal tea is the highlight for me whenever I visit a Jiva Spa. Take a sip and you’d understand why. Made from fresh organic jaggery, lemon and granished with a whole-leaf basil, it is seriously refreshing.

If you are looking to pamper yourself and putting your body, mind, and soul at ease, I strongly recommend you to pause and vishram! Indulge in this therapy once in a while.

Price: Rs 2500 plus taxes

Offer Alert:

If you plan a staycation at Vivanta by Taj Dwarka before December 31, 2017, you can avail at 25% discount on a wellness treatment at the spa.

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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