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Why You Must Experience a Villa Holiday

We jumped into the pool almost just after 10 minutes of entering Purva Sky Villa in Anjuna, Goa. Yes, we are pool crazy. But here it was the feeling of absolute freedom that overwhelmed us. No check-in, no formalities, no staff or other guests loitering around … just the villa and us! As soon as all six of us settled in a bit, Sarvesh (our private butler) came in with crates of beer — offered free as a part of our package. Needless to say, our experience got only better from here.

It has been a while since our Goa holiday but as a friend said, “it’s tough to really come back from Goa!” Some conversation or other other keeps taking us back to the wonderland. For instance, a recent one where someone posed a “Villa Vs Hotel” question. Our mind took us back to our wonderful villa vacation. So before answering the question, let’s take you on a quick tour of the villa.

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What all the villa had:

  • Three huge bedrooms with attached luxury bathrooms (quite luxurious!)
  • Dining
  • Kitchen with basic utensils, water purifier, gas & stove
  • Washing & drying machine (we used them extensively)
  • Television and basic gym equipment (did not use these at all!)
  • Swimming pool, garden, balcony (that gives a spectacular view of sunrise)
  • a cook on call (had to be paid separately)
  • Geyser
  • Clean bed sheets and pillows
  • Included in package: 50 bottles of beer and 5 soft drinks

Now, to answer the question. If you’re individual or a couple travelling on limited budget, of course you wouldn’t be considering this question. But if you are travelling with friends and family or a on huge budget, here’s why you must choose a villa for holiday or why a villa is better than a hotel?

1. Luxury of Privacy: No one can invade your privacy in your own bungalow, right? The villa you hire on rent is yours. You don’t have to bother about other guests making too much noise or about them looking at you when you’re laughing out loud!

2. No RestrictionsYou’re not bound by timings in a villa. Jump into the pool anytime. Eat breakfast at 12. Sleep near or in the pool…who cares. You’re the king.

3. More Space: Our bedroom was big enough to accommodate all of us! Villa rooms are much more spacious than hotel rooms. And well, you have the entire villa. No space constraints.

4. Home Away From Home: A villa has everything you need at home plus a lot more. From soap and fresh towels to appliances, there’s everything in a much larger space with a much better view. Plus, a housekeeping person to do you laundry and dishes and maintain the cleanliness.

5. Cost Effective: If you’re willing to spend about upward of Rs 5000 per night per person on your holiday with your friends, a villa will be a monetarily better choice too. You will spend on the supplies as per your budget and there will be no higher prices or taxes for items on the not-so-mini-bar (a giant fridge).

Of course, a villa holiday is not ideal when you’re looking for a budget holiday. Consider a villa holiday if you’re travelling in a group or planning a reunion with friends. It’s great for a relaxed vacation.

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