Addicted to Chai from Chaayos!

It started off on a lazy monsoon afternoon when a cup of strong chai or coffee was the only thing that could have helped me fight mid-day drowsiness and get back to work. The frustration of finding no milk irked me to no extent. I almost cursed my oh-so-blessed work from home situation.

And just then came to the rescue a fantastic concept started by two chai-addicts! Chaayos. Though I have tried and relished several varieties of tea and snacks at various outlets (Vasant Kunj, Nehru Place, Kirti Nagar, Lajpat Nagar), this was the first time I ordered chai at home. Till now the concept (of ordering chai at home) seemed a colossal excuse for laziness.

chaayos home delivery


For the next five days continuously, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering chai via Zomato app from the Kirti Nagar outlet at Moments Mall! Addiction of any sorts does no good to anyone and hence I promised myself to space it out. After several days, yesterday I pampered myself yet again (*chuckles*) and thought of writing down why exactly I am addicted to ordering chai from Chaayos. Here goes:

  1. Experimenting with Chai: Paani kum (less water), full doodh (milk), flavoured, non-flavoured, desi, kulhad….the options are plenty enough to order a distinct tea every time. My favourite so far is Desi Chai Kettle made kadak (strong) chai and with added flavours like saunf, elaichi, tulsi, and kali mirch. I can add all these in my homemade tea but it will never be as good as Chaayos chai (well, yes I admit I am not a great tea-maker anyway!)  
  2. Egg Bun: This is a perfect accompaniment to chai when you’re craving for something light to eat. A mix of boiled egg, corn, pepper, mayo and basil filled inside a soft bun, it is quite delicious.
  3. Packaging: Delivered in a convenient ‘kettle’ made with an insulated pack and a cardboard box, it is highly convenient. Moreover, it makes the tea remain hot for a good amount of time. I had some of the tea almost an hour after it came. It obviously wasn’t steaming hot but drinkable.
  4. Delivery: It takes no longer than 30-35 minutes to get the order from the Kirti Nagar outlet. It was just once that it took more than an hour!
  5. Price: Zomato and Chaayos have brewed a fantastic deal. There are Zomato exclusive combos at surprisingly inexpensive prices. I usually order the Veg Combo: Desi Kettle with Vada Pao or Bun Bhujiya at just Rs 99. The non-veg combo with Egg Bun and Desi Kettle is at Rs 149. This plus VAT comes to Rs 112 and Rs 167 approx respectively. Sweet deal, no?

…And there I am tempted to order it again! You must too 🙂

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