Oh My Ganna review

OMG! This is the best sugarcane juice we’ve had!

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of sugarcane juice? Roadside carts? And perhaps you think of the unhygienic environment in which it is usually produced. It’s a well-known fact that if prepared in unhygienic conditions, sugarcane juice might lead to Chagas disease or diarrhea as it is the best breeding ground for microorganisms. Also, it’s short shelf life is a deterrent from keeping it at home.

Benefits of sugarcane juice

Now, what if we told you that you can now enjoy the juice in the comfort of your home, being sure about the hygiene? 

Oh My Ganna (OMG!) is a newly launched bottled sugarcane juice brand offering the taste of fresh juice with a longer shelf life! Bring home a pack of OMG! juice, and you can enjoy it for as long as 3 months. Although the taste is such that they won’t last that long anyway. We managed to finish 24 bottles between the 6 of us in less than 4 days! Okay, we went overboard but trust me it is that delicious. 

Oh My Ganna review


No added sugar. No chemical preservatives. So, what is the technology that keeps the juice fresh for so long? 

It took the owners three long years of R&D to develop a unique process (for which the patent is pending) called Fresh Fusion, using which the company is able to make the product with about 80% natural juice content without any chemical preservatives. It also gives it a shelf life of three months. And that is what distinguishes it from other packed sugarcane juice brands available in the market (most have a shift life of maximum three days). 

Our Review: 

The fact that we finished an entire carton so quickly says a lot about the taste. Bottled juices are generally sweeter than fresh ones because of added sugar content. That is not oh my ganna review the case with this juice. It is not too sweet. It’s  not made from concentrate or pulp, so it is healthy.

The packaging is good; it comes in a glass bottle. We also love the easy-to-open cap of the bottle.

The juice is available in three flavours: Cumin Crush, Ginger Groove and Lemon. Ginger flavoured juice is zesty while cumin has strong undertones. We loved the lemon flavoured the best because of its refreshing flavour. 

A bottle of Oh My Ganna (OMG!) is priced at Rs 40 (250 ml), which seems reasonable given that you can have chilled, hygienic sugarcane juice anytime you want.  


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