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Falling in Love with Simplicity at Nature Care Village, Rishikesh

Some trips are about epic experiences involving breathtaking landscapes and sights. Then there are some filled with small moments that leave a big impact in your heart. Lakshna Gulati tells about one such trip to Nature Care Village in Rishikesh

“Travel. Humbug. Why do people make such a big deal about it?” That was me a couple of years ago, when I was younger and a little foolish. It wasn’t that I was a home-body or I didn’t travel. Travel I did! I’m a journalist and I have a job which requires me to travel pretty often. And I’m lucky that because of my job I’ve got an opportunity to satisfy the little travel bug in me. But living out of backpacks or suitcases was never me. It still isn’t, but fast-forward to now…and I feel travel is possibly one of life’s greatest teachers.

I have my boyfriend and happy-feet fellow traveller, Nikhil, to thank for that change in me. We’ve taken a total of six mini trips together and each has been enriching, awesome and deeply soul satisfying. This blog is about the place we visited just recently- Nature Care Village in Rishikesh.

It’s an enchanted forest wonderland. It’s a place where you lose yourself in the midsts and find yourself in the depths of its silence. (If you really want to stay calm and quiet). What stole my heart right away was that as soon as we got out of our car, our host Mr Jag was there to welcome us..along with his mad hatter dog- Kemmy, with whom it was love at first sight!

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The resort is basic, rustic and blends in with the forest surroundings. We dumped our bags in the cutest room possible and rushed outdoors to lap up what we could of the wild outdoors- of course with our dog guide- Kemmy. I have no idea who adopted who but it was an equation which worked amazingly well. Oh! the things we did! Chased hens into their straw huts…dragged Kemmy away from little chicks and bulls and forayed deep into the forest making sure that Kemmy was alright. We found a little village child to teach as well..which obviously our dog found tedious and boring but he sprang back to our room to devour my birthday cake!

It’s the little things that you remember from your trip and store away in your heart. I will always remember Jag for his hospitality and his mom who made the most amazing cup of hot tea. I will remember how they welcomed us to dine at their family wedding- throwing open not just their doors but their hearts to us. I will remember the foreigner from Mexico who is following her heart to different lands and fates and most of all..Kemmy..for making this such a warm, amazing, heart-felt place to be in.

Go there for a lifetime experience. Go there to share a laugh and stories. Go there to feel at peace. You’ll go to this place with all your heart and leave behind a piece of your heart to claim once more on another destined trip :).

Location: Chiddarwala, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249204

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