Istanbul in pics
I NEED A LONG BREAK!,  In Pictures

Monday Musings: Dreaming of Istanbul


Istanbul in pics
Beautiful Istanbul
Istanbul in pics
What to shop from Turkey


What’s the best way to beat Monday Blues? For a travel enthusiast, there can be no better way than visiting an old travel memory. A mental trip back to Istanbul, Turkey just did the trick for me. So, I thought of sharing it with my readers! The two pics here were my favourite elements during the trip.

I had read so much about Istanbul, craving to visit it before I actually got a chance to. It seemed like something/someone was calling for me. Sadly, I couldn’t spend too much time here since I was headed for a conference in Izmir, Turkey. I ‘met’ Bosphorous river only from a distance. A long rendezvous is due.

The Blue Mosque spoke to me even though there was an eerie silence when I was there. It was somehow, oddly, calming. And these plates remind me of the energy at the Grand Bazaar (one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world) where I spotted them.

If you think Istanbul is this beautiful place that will completely enchant you, you’re right. The Blue Mosque and Bosphorous River are calling you. I too hope to hear their call once again.




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