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Mela Phulkari: Celebrating the Spirit of Punjab

Love phulkari dupattas and shawls? Do not miss this exhibition at IHC from April 6th-13th 2017. 

The word Phulkari is synonymous with Punjab. The significance of this embroidery technique, which literally means flower work (phul means flower and kari means craft), in Punjabi culture can be understood from its inclusion in folk songs such as this one:

Ih Phulkari meri maan ne kadhi/Is noo ghut ghut japhiyan paawan

(This Phulkari was embroidered by my mother, I embrace it  warmly).

Traditionally, women in Punjab drape them on special occasions but it has been brought alive in the fashion world all over by Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri and others.

Lovers of this beautiful art work in Delhi must be aware of Mela Phulkari exhibition. For the uninitiated, this is an exhibition put together by the Punjabi concept store 1469 and curated by art historian and cultural theorist Dr Alka Pande. Bringing in its fourth edition this year, it aims to bring alive the vibrant culture of Punjab with installations, artworks and exhibits of the exquisite Phulkari weaves by rural Punjabi women. There’s a different theme each year.

Theme for this year

This year the exhibition explores  the beauty  of  the  written  word  through  the  simple beauty  of  the  Gurmukhi  script. Curator Alka Pande says, “Like  Phulkari  the  origin  of  the Gurmukhi  script  is  not  really  known.  Attributed  to  the  second  Guru  Angad,  according  to  the  Athur  tablet  found  in  Ludhiana  district  it  is  felt  that  Gurmukhi  was  prevalent  even  before.”

Where: India Habitat Centre’s Open Palm Court

When: April 6th-13th 2017

Timing: 10am-8pm

Entry Fee: Free

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