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Fellowship of Drinks, now in Nehru Place!

Often we come across something that we’ve known for long enough to not question its existence but haven’t had a firsthand experience of it. And when offered an opportunity to live that experience, seldom do we say no.

The aforementioned delineates the ‘how’ of my experience at Lord of the Drinks, Nehru Place which witnessed its opening last week with few launch parties and a press meet. The name is not new for me or for anyone living in the national capital region. New Delhi has seen a drastic increase in the number of socio-hubs, from cafes to restro bars and lounges. To establish an identity and sustain its presence in such a vast market is what every restaurateur is focussing on, in any part of the world.

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And my perception does not advise me against Lord of the Drinks here. With a very comfortable location, space and ambience inspired from a modern British bar (and not from Lord of the Rings), it is moderately brought up to share and celebrate all occasions. You’ll find an enthusiastic bunch of people smartly dressed with joyous faces on the other side, entitled with the responsibility to serve you.

Lord of Drinks nehru Place menu

And the corporate chef, Rajeev Sethi has definitely placed his best bet while curating the menu for them. The bet is kept intact by Chef Atul who looks after the restaurant himself and assures that every table gets the best experience. In his words, presentation cannot define your meal. If you’re coming out to eat, you want to enjoy eating it and not just picture it in your eyes.

The menu at Nehru Place is different from the one at Connaught Place; and the items on the menu have been curated with excellent innovation. From Waffle Bruschetta which has mellow mushrooms topped with goat cheese on a soft waffle to Herb-infused fish and Pepper Chili Lime Grilled River Sole (served with cous cous), I personally enjoyed all aspects of food after a prolonged period.

If your north Indian crunch is on, then I’d strongly recommend you to lay your hands on the Boozy Dal Makhni that is flamed with Jack Daniel; for a lot of places serve cooked lentil but it is really difficult to find a dense dal with enough cream for it to do justice to the name. Both for food and drinks, my recommendation would be to go for signature items when ordering for the first time. First and foremost, the one that won our vote was My Passion – a vodka based cocktail with passion fruit, pineapple juice ice, adorned with a star anise followed by Calypso Coffee, which is rum based and consists of vanilla, nutmeg and coffee ice. LOTD has beautifully adopted the concept of thematic ice which is not only new for Delhites but also very beneficial for the mixologist Jatin who has to consider presentation as his top priority.  Mystical and Black Jack (which is the only whiskey based signature cocktail) follow the lead of my personal favourites mentioned before. If you do not enjoy white spirits, there’s always an option of settling in with a glass of jim beam or JD in the environment that’s sweeping the country off its feet.

All in all, it’s nice to have a great company; but it’s even better to have a place like LOTD to celebrate the same over delicious food and a drink or two.

Location: Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place

Reviewed by Harshili Malhotra 


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